Manchester Green Summit 2021

The Greater Manchester Green Summit is an annually held event, this year being its fourth year. This year’s summit was able to be held in person and the summit was […]

Recommended Productivity Tools

We all know the feeling of not having enough hours in the day – of tasks piling up, emails filling up the inbox and to-do lists stretching over multiple pages. […]

Recommended Reading Book Club

We’ve said it before; taking responsibility for how we choose to work and live is the first step in how we can all make the world a better place, and […]

Ways To Reward Yourself For Achieving Goals

When you’re running a business, or trying to make a lifestyle change (possibly to live and work in a more sustainable way), it can be difficult to keep going even […]

Goal Setting – 5 Reasons To Set Goals In Your Business And 5 Ways To Stick To Them

​It might seem obvious but it bears repeating; business owners who stick to their goals are more likely to succeed. Simple, right?But as we all know (and proven by research […]

Why We Started The Better Business Network

When the World Health Organisation classified occupational burnout as a disease we knew that we had to find a way to help business leaders grow their impact without negatively affecting the wellbeing […]

12/12/2022: Economic Plans and Assessing Sunak’s Green Credentials

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