How to create a better world with the inner development goals 

In this video, Jannine Barron first introduces the concept of inner development goals, a framework designed to cultivate transformational skills for sustainable development, before facilitating a discussion with attendees. Jannine clarifies how this framework can benefit purpose-driven business leaders, with a specific focus on how inner development can help organisations along the process to reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Jannine Barron is a business strategist and a mentor with over 25 years of experience across 4 enterprises, who utilises her expertise to help share crucial lessons with the next generation of brand builders and entrepreneurs. Jannine concentrates her efforts on helping organisations place climate change at the heart of their decision-making processes, aiming to help impact the creation of a sustainable, circular economy with net zero goals.To get in touch with Jannine or to learn more about her business you can also visit her website here.

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