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Creating positive action

The Better Business Network is a community for like-minded businesses that want to create positive action.

The Better Business Network is the only purpose-led business community that is focused on helping connect ethical businesses together AND increase their positive social and environmental impact.

Our Network is made up of passionate and supportive ethical businesses who have access to events, tools, resources and workshops to help them on their journey to having a greater positive impact.

We are committed to investing 20% of all membership fees to supporting impactful organisations such as Client Earth, B1G1 projects and 1% for the Planet, meaning becoming a member also 

Membership allows businesses to use collective action to support amazing projects like Client Earth, B1G1 projects and 1% for the Planet (we are committed to donating 20% of all membership fees to impactful organisations) whilst also helping our community increase their individual impact and income.

Membership starts at £30 a month, and prices increase incrementally across several tiers depending on the size of your business. The larger the organisation, the more you have to pay. Information on the prices, and what each tier offers, can be found in the FAQs section.

The Better Business Network

We are an inclusive network for purpose-driven business owners and leaders who want to grow their business and make the world a better place.

Our Events Calendar

We allow non members to join our speed networking events once for free as well as access to free workshops and webinars.

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