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If you have been directed from the Better Business Summit website, apply below to join the Network and you’ll be eligible for the membership discount on summit tickets. You’ll be sent a link via email straight after you join.

Membership starts at £30 a month and increase incrementally depending on the size of your business. If you pay annually, you get two months free membership! 

You can also opt to pay via invoice for annual membership if preferable, simply use code INVOICE at at checkout when joining and you will be emailed an invoice request. 

Interested? Sign up for our monthly BBN Discovery Events where we explore how you can get the best out of the network, check out an overview of the benefits of joining and some of the FAQs, alternatively, or for a more in-depth guide, check out the Membership Pack.

If your questions still hasn’t been answered, reach out to our Community Manager James at

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Check out some of our Member Testimonials on our Testimonial Page.


We think you get a lot for your money..

We offer our members a range of training, workshops, events and resources to help them along their journey.

What specifically?

Check out our Membership Pack which details all the benefits we offer when joining, including:

  • Monthly Regional In Person Networking Events
  • Monthly Live Expert-Led Workshops
  • Free Carbon Literacy training (worth £180!) worth 5 employees
  • 3 other CPD Accredited Workshops
  • Online Slack Community
  • Added to Business Directory
  • Access to in-person roundtable events
  • Access to private, industry specific groups
  • 50% off betternotstop Online Courses
  • Weekly Industry Insights
  • Access to all previous Recorded Workshops
  • Monthly Online Speed Networking
  • 100’s Online Tools and Resources
  • Members Office Hours

Have any questions that aren’t answered here? Book in a call with our Community Manager James who will be happy to have a quick chat to explain things through.

The cost of membership varies depending upon the size of the business.

There are currently 5 membership tiers:

Tier 1: 1-5 employees – £30 per month OR £300 annually

Tier 2: 6-10 employees – £50 per month OR £500 annually

Tier 3: 11-25 employees – £80 per month OR £800 annually

Tier 4: 26-50 employees – £130 per month OR £1300 annually

Tier 5: 51+ employees – £200 per month OR £2000 annually

*All tiers get access to the same benefits as listed above. Up to five employees get access to free carbon literacy training, excluding the £10 Certification fee. You must have been a member of the Better Business Network for at least three months, or paying annual membership to gain access to this training.

If you would prefer to pay via invoice, simply use code INVOICE at checkout when joining and you will be sent an invoice request to your email address – get in contact with for more information

Larger companies membership fees support and subsidise access (and keep prices low) for smaller business owners, who otherwise would not be able to afford the networking opportunities and access to resources that we provide. We also donate 20% of membership fees to impactful organisations, and work collectively for improved government legislation and specific campaigns that seek to have a positive social and environmental impact.

This means that simply by joining and becoming a member of the Better Business Network, you are already taking the first step on your journey to becoming a business that has a positive impact.

Once you join as a Member, you’ll have access to a Members Area that has all the free resources and workshop recordings we’ve created, along with useful links to external resources, details of offers and campaigns you should join.

You get out of the network what you put in.

We’re proud to say that many of our members have gone on to do incredible work together, but it’s very important to contribute to the conversation, support and help your fellow members.

We hold monthly Virtual Speed Networking sessions which are an excellent way to grow your connections, and our monthly roundup of new members aims to be a helpful starting point.

If you are worried about not having enough time to contribute or engage fully, please remember that you can add members of your team to the Network under your membership, who can also access all the resources we provide.

If you join the network and feel that it is not the right fit for you and your business, you can request a full refund up to 30 days from joining, no questions asked.

It started as a small accountability group in 2020, then The Better Business Network officially launched in April 2021 accepting small cohorts of businesses.

We opened our doors wider in June 2022 and started promoting the network to the wider business community.

We have partnered with several different organisations to increase our positive impact as a business and as a community and are committed to donating 20% of membership fees to impactful organisations.

In regards to charitable giving, we donate to Buy One Give One with every new membership, provide monthly donations to Client Earth and milestone donations to 1% For the Planet.

We also work collectively for improved government legislation and support. Check out our Campaigns page..

Access the 2021 Impact Report Here

We keep all our spending totally transparent.

We share the income and costs of the Better Business Network in an impact report, including what was spent on operations, marketing and with our partners. 

Access the 2021 Impact Report Here

We’ve attempted to price the membership fees at a cost that is accessible for small business owners, with larger companies paying a higher fee in order to help subsidise access for smaller businesses who otherwise would not be able to afford the cost of membership. 

Scholarships are indeed available to business owners unable to pay the monthly payments on a case by case basis, with up to 10% of the upcoming applications available on bursary.

If you choose to pay annually rather than monthly you get 10 months for the price of 12.

No, we accept businesses from all points along their journey. It matters less where you are currently, and more where you want to go. 

We want you to be an ethical business with a real desire and drive for change and positive impact. It’s important that we get the mix right for all the members.

We want all our members to have the same vision, to create regenerative businesses that have a positive impact with the work they do. We reserve the right to remove your membership if you don’t align with the values of the Better Business Network.

We understand Business Owners are busy, so perhaps you may want one of your team to be the active member in the community for you, that’s fine!

We ask that the lead member for every application is the Business Owner or a member of the Leadership team. 

You can add extra members of your team to the network at no additional cost.

We don’t think anyone offers the support we do.

Our focus is helping you to establish foundational support in your business and network to help it be a sustainable, resilient company, while helping you look after you and your staffs mental health and wellbeing.

We offer you an everyday support network via our Slack channel. Our Members are genuinely incredible and they’ve helped shape the Network into such a passionate and supportive community! 

We don’t expect you to pay a year up front like some of our competitors (unless you want to!) because we know you need to manage your cash flow, however by doing so you get two months free membership.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure you feel the same.

If your question hasn’t been answered, please reach out to our Community Manager at who will be happy to help.