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Simon Lewis

Brabners is proud to be a member of the Better Business network. We've already received good value from it with the events that have been put on. We see a real benefit in raising our brand awareness with like-minded businesses, it really does allow us to stand out from other law firms.

The Better Business Network does offer more than other networks. What I really appreciate, is that a lot of the focus is on actions and how we can learn from each other. Which is why I think the membership is really beneficial to Brabners.

Joy Stevenson

We were introduced to the Better Business Network in 2020 when reviewing B corp to see if this would fit our business model. We've benefited from the network by; sharing our ideas, wins, pain points and making new contacts and collaborations along the way with other business members that touch all our supply chain touch points - B Leaders, environmental experts and packaging companies that will help us improve our environmental footprint.

I'd highly recommend the Better Business Network purely from a collaboration point of view, you meet businesses that you wouldn't necessarily otherwise come across. We're also able to get additional training in Carbon Literacy and Deaf Awareness Training which has been great for us.

Jannine Barron

I'm a very proud member of the better business network. There was something about Hannah Cox and the leadership she was setting that intrigued me so I trusted my intuition and became a founding member; becoming more impactful, transparent and inspiring along the way.

The team are phenomenal, being there for me whenever I need. I love the masterclasses and the opportunity I get to run them through being a member. They're real people who really care. I've found my tribe and am now able to attract others who I can connect with, making new friends, service provides and clients along the way.

Charlie Cohen

All of the businesses in the Network really care about changing the way we consume and live.

The network has been instrumental in our growth, through the network we worked with our B leader and became one of the highest-scoring B Corp businesses within our sector, and our business has grown over 10x and The Better Business Network has been a core factor in that.

Krish Patel

The Better Business Network has been incredible for myself and Tales to Inspire, helping me to connect with other businesses for free support and being able to have a network of people who truly believe in me.

It's been a wonderful experience and I truly feel like I'm making an impact and my business has grown over the last 6 - 8 months since I've been a part of BBN.

Rakhee Shah

It's honestly the best business community I've been a part of. Through joining BBN, I've felt like my knowledge in areas have improved significantly through the resources they share, and the conversations I have with other members in the community!

The workshops are really great too! I'm not always able to make it live, but I make sure to catch up on the recordings.

Elliot Morrow

We've made connections and built relationships that have been absolutely vital in helping Bon Creative grow as a business, and we'd be much worse off if we hadn't made the decision to join a year or so ago.

It's comforting and motivating - in a world with plenty of greenwashing and climate negativity - to be part of a group filled with businesses that actually give a shit about the impact their work has or will have on the planet.

Russ Avery

There's a genuine sense of community at the BBN. The free training sessions are incredibly valuable and I'm convinced that it's the best network of its kind; one which actively advances the sustainable and regenerative business movement.

Avery & Brown is proud to be an original member and we will continue to support the BBN indefinitely. Join it today if you’re serious about your business and the role it can play in creating a better future

Michelle Miles

The Better Business Network isn't just a network, it's a collective of bloody awesome, purpose driven businesses that give a shit about our planet! Every member I speak to has given me a different insight into sustainability, opening my eyes way beyond what is happening in my own sector and highlighting how important cross industry connections are.

It's safe to say that I found my people, and I'm not going anywhere.

Ioana Hardy

There are so many ways in which I have benefited so far (way beyond the monthly investment). The team go above and beyond to create a space where we can make meaningful connections for our businesses and feel supported as business owners.

It’s a wonderful community where I found friends, collaborators, clients, experts and above all, people with a lot of soul and care for our Planet. I can’t recommend the BBN enough!

Maria Soleil

The Better Business Network is an incredible community to be part of if you run a purpose-driven business.

The training, resources and knowledge sharing are all excellent, but the best thing is the like-minded people within the network.

Sophie Zienkiewicz

It was important to us to build CNF on strong, ethical foundations, and joining the Better Business Network was a great way to achieve this ambition.

It is invaluable having a community of like-minded individuals who are always willing to share ideas and collaborate!