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We are a new Business Network focused on helping Business Owners to put people and the planet, alongside profit, at the heart of their purpose and create systemic change. 

The Better Business Network is at its core a peer to peer network that connects and supports Business Leaders so that they can create a bigger impact. By working collectively we can provided scaleable support businesses would not have access to without each other. 

A unique part of this is the transparency of the community finances. Membership fees are used to support amazing projects like Client Earth , Ecologi and 1% for the Planet while also helping businesses increase their impact with training, resources and expert guidance.

With occupational burnout now classified as a disease, and the impact of Coronavirus overwhelming many business owners, the Better Business Network helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs from failing due to burnout and overwhelm, while also helping them create a bigger impact through collaboration. 

The money that individuals invest into the network is also used to directly help their businesses grow, provide bespoke support and help all Business Leaders work towards attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals while looking after their own wellbeing. 

The Better Business Network was started in 2021 by Hannah Cox, Kate Clarke and Ben Thorne, fuelled by their passion over how businesses can work together to create a better world.


Founder Hannah works as the Operations & Partnerships Manager, organising and facilitating training and events for all our members. 

She believes that for business owners across all industries, sharing best practice and resources is the key to success. The impact of the work we all do on society and the environment is key to supporting solutions to this crisis

Hannah also runs betternotstop, a sustainable impact agency. She believes all businesses have the responsibility to care for people and the planet, whatever their size. 


Marketing Manager Kate believes that collaboration is the only way for us to change the current global course we are on. To create opportunities for ideas to grow, connect with people with the same goals and to lift each other up.

Kate is a Chartered Marketer with 15 years’ experience working for in-house marketing teams for both startups and corporates. Her mission to help more purpose-led businesses be visible and get their message out into the world.


Our Community Manager Ben works to ensure that the network is both rewarding and engaging as a space to harness the power of business for positive change. 

Ben has over a decade's experience in the sustainable business and environmental management sectors. In addition to being a Chartered Environmentalist, published scientist and alumni of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community, he is also a B Corp B Leader.

Ben also runs Enriched Horizons Ltd, helping businesses communicate and create sustainable practices.