We always working hard to provide the best experience for our members and the local communities we work in. Some of those people have been kind enough to not just speak to us, but interview us, write kind words about us and feature us in their news stories, articles, podcasts, and more.

Check out a selection of the press we’ve had since launching below.

June 2024

ARTICLE: BUSINESS MATTERS: Six ways to make your workplace more fun – and the serious reasons for having a laugh on the job

April 2024

ARTICLE: Hattrick: Climate Conversations with Better Business Network

February 2024

ARTICLE: Medium: Nature on five boards (and counting…) Who’s next?
ARTICLE: Lawyers for Nature: The Better Business Network puts Nature on The Board
ARTICLE: Pro-Manchester: Who are the Better Businesss Network?

January 2024

ARTICLE: Louder than War: Better Business Summit annouce green and eco event in Manchester Jan 17/19 with Eco and pop culture content

December 2023

ARTICLE: Startups: Hannah Cox: The Better Business Network

November 2023

ARTICLE: Ethos Magazine: Are you a Better Business Pioneer?

October 2023

ARTICLE: Prolific North: Better Business Network, OPEN Media and Avery & Brown team up on nationwide Better Business Pioneer campaign
ARTICLE: Studio 91 Media: We’re a Better Business

July 2023

ARTICLE: Tyler Grange: Becoming a B Corp and introducing a 4-day week

June 2023

ARTICLE: Yard B: The Better Business Network

February 2023

ARTICLE: Faith in Nature: A Day Of Sharing: The Better Business Summit

January 2023

ARTICLE: Inside Ecology: Manchester hosts inaugural Better Business Summit to help businesses explore and embrace the sustainability agenda
ARTICLE: Prolific North: Patagonia calls out rise in greenwashing as creative brands try to “cash in”

March 2021

ARTICLE: UK News Group: New peer network for business owners who want to make an impact in 2021


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