Action Hour

At our annual Better Business Summit, we invited all attendees to take part in some collective action.

We partnered with MP Watch who aim to bring together concerned constituents, and hold their Members of Parliament accountable. They work with constituent groups to draw attention to relevant information and encourage MPs to work to raise standards of integrity.

We invited summit attendees to join this cause and hold their MPs accountable by writing personalised letters stating their concerns. Attendees were separated into locality groups, which created dialogue between strangers about the issues that mattered in their local area.

Photo Credit: Tom Cox

After discussing their concerns, everyone wrote a personalised letter to their local MP, outlining their concerns. The topics raised in the letters ranged from global issues such as wars across the world, to international issues, including government stances on environmental policy, and even to the local level troubles, such as bins and pot holes in the road.

We then stood in solidarity with fellow Better Business Network Member, Stephen Gingell outside the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School for a powerful photo to amplify our collective voice – They say the pen is mightier than the sword!

Finally, all participants were invited to join us for 10 minutes of silence in solidarity of those fighting for climate justice across the globe.

Following the Action Hour, we took half of the letters down to the House of Commons, delivering them personally, whilst the other half were sent off to local constituent offices.

We can’t wait to see what our Action Hour at the Better Business Summit 2025 will involve!!

Photo Credit: Tom Cox


Photo Credit: Tom Cox