Adding Nature to our Board of Directors!

Following in the footsteps of Faith In Nature , the Better Business Network are proud to announce we have officially added Nature to our Board of Directors!

The wonderful Graham Hansen, Director of Lawbox Design will be representing Nature on behalf of the Better Business Network and will be involved in all key strategic decisions that the business makes.

Graham Hansen, Director of Lawbox Design representing Nature’s Voice for The Better Business Network


By Making nature a director of our company, we hope to make better informed decisions around topics that impact it. And let’s face it, everything does. That’s why this matters.

We’re proud to share the dream where Nature’s rights are represented and respected, in every business. So we’re sharing our process in the hope that others will join us in doing the same.

Check out the video below from Faith in Nature, the first company in the world, to add Nature to their board of directors. – We’re thrilled to now be doing the same and hope other businesses follow in these footsteps in due course!