The Better Business Network A.G.M. 2022 – Key Highlights

On 21st February 2022 The Better Business Network (BBN) hosted its 2022 A.G.M. This was an opportunity for BBN founder Hannah Cox to provide an update on everything the BBN has achieved throughout 2021 alongside some exciting updates and changes coming to the Network throughout 2022. A recording of the A.G.M. is available at the end of this blog post, and can also be seen in the Members Area here.

First of all; A.G.M. Yes, this was an Annual General Meeting in the usual sense. But for The BBN, it was more than that. This was an Amazing Growth Moment.

It was an opportunity to let our members know more about all the amazing things that have happened since the launch of the network in 2021 as well as the new changes coming in 2022.

2021 Highlights

Beginning with everything that’s been achieved by the BBN and its Members in the short time since our launch in 2021:

  • Two Cohorts of seventy members range from Solopreneurs to Small Business Owners
  • 166.86t of carbon reduction and 2309 trees planted with Ecologi
  • £970 donated to high impact nonprofits with 1% For The Planet
  • 50+ Education Workshops
  • 100+ Members Tools & Resources
  • Partnered with The Better Business Act
  • Joined Support the Goals
  • Created two new job roles

betternotstop, sister company to The BBN, is now B Corp certified – with an outstanding score of 101.5. On top of this, betternotstop has created a B Corp Bootcamp course to help members become B Corps.

We have also created an accredited Carbon Literacy course in partnership with Carbon Literacy Project as part of Patagonia Action Works.

All in all, we couldn’t be prouder of what The BBN has achieved so far! We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our Members – none of the above would have been possible without them and we love having you all here with us, creating positive action every day!

2022 Changes & Updates

On to the exciting bit! There’s some changes coming to The BBN (all positive!) and we’re thrilled to finally be sharing all of this with our Members.

First of all, we’ve overhauled the onboarding process for the BBN – changing how we bring on new Members moving forward. An outline of these changes can be seen below:

  • No more Cohorts. Business Owners can join anytime
  • New members will fill out an application form which will then be reviewed by the BBN Team within 48 hours
  • Successful applicants will then share their business goals with a project manager. They will receive invites to upcoming events and be added to a weekly newsletter subscription, alongside having their name published in the new members’ monthly round-up email
  • New Tiers: Standard and Growth
  • Growth members will be added to a directory and introduced on Slack
  • Onboarding includes a video and written guide on how to get the most out of The BBN

Payment Structure

We’re also updating the payment structure for The BBN. The headline? Membership has been reduced and from now on there will be two tiers.

Tier One: Standard £10 per month (£8 + VAT)

The Standard Tier will include access to Members’ Areas, events, courses, workshops and free speed networking.

On top of this, Standard Tier Members will receive a weekly newsletter and their name published in the new Members’ monthly round-up email.

Tier Two: Growth £30 per month (£25 + VAT)

Includes the same aspects of Tier one, but with added features including:

  • Slack community access
  • Added to the BBN business directory
  • Invitations to business roundtables (see more information below!)
  • Able to apply to the Member Impact Fund (see more information below!)
  • 50% of any BBN courses and newsletter inclusion
  • Opportunity to facilitate paid workshops or courses through the network
  • Access to office hours

Founding Members 

But how will all of this affect Founding Members?

All Founding Members will receive Growth Tier membership alongside the following lifetime benefits:

  • Free additional courses
  • Free newsletter inclusion
  • Free social media promotion
  • 30% discount code for any contacts and priority access to in-person events

New Benefits

Alongside the new tiers, we have a few more benefits and updates coming to The BBN that we announced in the A.G.M.:

Existing Website Improvements

  • An external monthly newsletter sent out to non-members
  • The site will include an improved dashboard, allowing members to have easier access to the directory
  • The site will include improved tools and resources, such as calendar access to book office hours, forms to upload content for newsletters and offer suggestions for resources and workshops
  • Growth members can find application forms for the Members Impact Fund

Members Impact Fund

The Network is introducing a Members Impact Fund. This is a £250 grant available every month to Members who apply via the BBN website. A Member will be chosen at random and can use the grant for different activities.

Examples include five hours of pro bono business CEO mentorship via All Together, any BBN courses or membership fees, educational courses or books, or wellness activities.

This will begin once we have 100 paying Growth members.

Roundtable Events

These events will occur every month by invitation, virtually and in person. The roundtable events will focus on discussing challenges and opportunities.

We’ll be announcing more details about these very soon – watch this space!

New Partners and Pledges

All Together is a network of more than 85 prominent founders and CEOs in Britain. Growth members will have access to our Members Impact Fund as well as CEO Circles and in-person ’Three Thing’ Events.

Alongside our new work with All Together, The Better Business Network will continue to work with 1% For The Planet, Ecologi, Client Earth, Living Wage and The Better Business Act. Please see below for more information on how we’ll be working with these organisations moving forward:

Upcoming 2022 Events

We’re also very pleased to be announcing our very first in-person networking events:

  • Wednesday 27 April: Manchester meet up at betternotstop office.

In addition to the above, our big 2022 events include:

Reset Connect: 28-29 June The BBN will run their first ever exhibition to launch our new concept fully and recruit new members. We are looking for interested BBN members to help get involved in creative aspects of the stall or volunteer to help staff the exhibition.

Better Business Summit: 10th NovemberThe Business and Award Ceremony will celebrate positive impact businesses. There will be a free to enter awards system and a daytime conference and panel discussion.

Thank You!

We would love to receive our Members feedback on our A.G.M. and so please don’t forget to give us your feedback via the following form: BBN A.G.M. 2022 | Members Feedback Form