BBN Member Case Studies | Ethar Alali, Automedi

Are you ready to witness another inspiring story behind some of the most remarkable businesses?

Join us as we dive into our new BBN member case study episode – a series where we explore our members’ businesses, their successes, how they found the Better Business Network and what they’ve gained from being a part of this incredible community of ethical, forward-thinking businesses

This week we’re talking to Ethar A., Founder and Director of Automedi and Really Recycling – a groundbreaking recycling business that transforms plastic waste into products using 3D print vending machines.

Automedi are not just reducing waste; they’re tackling economic disparities, cutting emissions and reducing plastic pollution – Welcome to the era of sustainable innovation!

Join us on this incredible journey towards a greener, more equitable future!

If, like Ethar A., you’re passionate about business for good, then you need to join the BBN – it’s where the magic happens. Don’t take our word for it, check out what some of our members had to say themselves about their own experiences in their testimonials here:

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Filmed and Edited by Ryan Flaherty

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