Better Business Pioneers Campaign

The Better Business Pioneer Campaign was launched in October 2023 as a way of recognising the power of individual action. It celebrates the positive contributions towards environmental or social impact made by various individuals in their professional lives.

What was it?

The campaign was based on two principles: that all actions, no matter how small, can make a difference, and that sharing best practice is critical to encouraging change. Celebrating positive, accessible action serves as a powerful catalyst for collective action and change.

Each small act of awareness, compassion, or environmental responsibility not only makes a tangible difference but also inspires others to follow suit. It showcases that anyone, regardless of their background, resources, or circumstances, can be a #BetterBusinessPioneer

The campaign was released on billboards and screens across the UK in partnership with other BBN Members; Avery & Brown and Open Media. 

Check out our video on the campaign here.

The campaign was seen by over 3.7million people across 8 cities and countless more through the organic social media campaign.

Better Business Pioneer of the Year 2024

At our annual conference, The Better Business Summit, we celebrated our ‘Pioneers of the Year’ for their amazing contribution towards making the world a better place.

This year our #BetterBusinessPioneers were Adam Bastock from Small99 and Simon Blackler from Krystal.

Adam Bastock – Small99

Adam has gone above and beyond in his creation of People Planet Pint (PPP), from humble origins of 40 people at the first PPP in Glasgow, PPP now boasts monthly gatherings over over 10,000 people in several countries across the world.

Simon Blackler – Krystal

Simon has been instrumental in the success and spread of People Planet Pint (PPP). His support of Adam and sponsorship of the event has broken down accessibility barriers, allowing people from any background to engage in likeminded conversation.

To find out more and discover a PPP event near you click here

Adam and Simon, our Better Business Pioneers of the Year 2024.