Better Business Summit Hike with Freshwalks!

What better way to wrap up The Better Business Summit 2024 then with the Freshwalks group for a day in nature on the Better Business Summit 15km Hike!

We all headed out in the South Pennines for a day of community building and connecting with nature, benefitting from the fresh air and making new friends from this years Better Business Summit.

A Big thank you to Michael Di Paola, founder of Freshwalks, for organising this fantastic event – we all enjoyed ourselves, kept warm and forged new friendships.

Freshwalks have regular walks so be sure to check out their eventbrite calendar to book yourself on the next one.

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The Better Business Network’s Content Producer – Ryan Flaherty, with The Better Business Network’s Community Manager – James Dady

Better Business Summit Hike attendees taking in the views with their four-legged friends!