WHY WE’RE PARTNERING WITH Brabners – THE Better Business Act | 7TH JUNE 2023

Picture a world where businesses operate with a focus on serving all stakeholders, not just raking in profits. This could soon be a reality with the introduction of the Better Business Act (BBA), which has the potential to revolutionise the way we do business in the UK.

To explore the implications of this groundbreaking new law, betternotstop and The Better Business Network are excited to announce our free collaboration event with Brabners in Manchester 7th June.

We’ll be bringing together more than 50 business leaders from the Northwest and are committed to empowering participants with the knowledge and insight they need to leverage the full potential of the BBA.



11:30am – 4pm  7th June

100 Barbirolli Square, Manchester M2 3BD


What will the event look like?

 The event will feature some genuine experts sharing their valuable perspectives on how we can  transform the way we do business. 

You’ll hear keynote speeches from Hannah Whittaker from Faith in Nature, Chris Algar from Sykes Cottages and a representative from the Better Business Act itself to give you a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face.

In addition, we’ll be running peer-led “catalyst” conversations designed to enable participants to exchange ideas on the challenges posed by the BBA. What’s more, these conversations will provide attendees with peer learning opportunities, so they can identify actionable steps to take and drive meaningful change.

We’ve also made sure to build ample networking time into the event schedule, providing attendees with a chance to connect with each other and build productive relationships as well as next step action points from all members. 


How can I get involved?

If you’re eager to explore the potential of the BBA and learn how it can help your business thrive, join us in Manchester on June 7th for a day of inspiring conversation and valuable insights. This is a can’t-miss event for any business leader looking to make a meaningful impact!


Register today here –  https://bit.ly/434MwqN