Launching our first Catalyst Conversation session!

Thursday 14th September, We hosted a fantastic inaugural Catalyst Conversation this morning following our breakfast networking titled “How to Build a Team for a Better World.”

🤝 This was a peer learning opportunity and allowed us to hear thoughts and practice from a range of knowledgeable people with incredible expertise across different industries and sectors.

The aim was to spark conversation and challenge opinions and lead to impactful change within each business – as purpose driven organisations we should be constantly striving to improve!

We looked at two topics:

💬 How to hire: How can a purpose-driven organisation effectively and ethically recruit the right people that align with the values of the business? We discussed where to look for the right candidates, how to assess them and how to ensure the process is ethical and fair!

💬 How to retain: How can and should a purpose-driven organisation operate and support its employees? We discussed how businesses should value and treat their employees, how to build a fair and respectful workplace culture using best practice, and sharing specific policies on people management skills or that transformed their company culture.

💚 Big thanks for our attendees coming along, getting involved and sharing their input:

Corin Bell, Executive Director, Open Kitchen

Jonathan Berry , Co-founder and Director, Tyler Grange | B Corp™

👩🏻‍💻Hannah Cox, Founder and Director, betternotstop

Edward Hobbs, Regional Manager, x+why

Simon Lewis, Cooperate Partner, Brabners

Donald Moore , Chair, One+All, A Certified B Corporation

Simon Ursell , Co-founder and Managing Director, Tyler Grange | B Corp™

📝 We’ve taken notes and learnings from this expertise in the room that will be shared with Better Business Network members so that everyone can learn and educate themselves on best practice on these crucially important conversations as a purpose driven business. This will be shared soon!

🗓️These Catalyst Conversations will be taking place every other month after our monthly breakfast networking –  our next one is happening on November 9th.

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📧 Although these are generally targeted towards our Tier 4 and 5 members, if you are interested in getting involved please get in touch with James Dady, our Community Manager, at

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