Catalyst Conversations

Every few months we bring together select groups of Network Members for an in person Catalyst Conversations (similar to a roundtable) to discuss a specific topic.

It allows our invited members to draw upon their expertise and years of experience to offer their unique perspectives on the topic, that we can share with the rest of the Better Business Network.

These insights have helped to shape the way that our network views and learns about certain issues, helping to share expert knowledge across a community. These conversations shape the way that our businesses function, helping to everyone to stay up to date and informed on a range of subjects.

When we share these insights, we want to guide our Members and the wider business community to use the knowledge to prepare for their future as a purpose driven business 

Some of the subjects we have already looked at include:

  • Supply Chains
  • Building a Team for a Better World
  • Greenwashing

Supply Chains

The discussions included:

  • How to decarbonise:  How do you accurately measure and reduce carbon? Can you add circular solutions into your supply chain? How do you manage your supply chain to be as sustainable as possible when potentially engaging in global imports and exports
  • Wider considerations and social impact: How can you educate your suppliers in positive impact? How can you create value- based supply chains? Do you have any measures you assess suppliers on when looking at procurement?

Read the insights and recommended actions from our Supply Chains Catalyst Conversation Here ->


Building a Team for a Better World

The discussions included:

  • How to hire:  how can a purpose-driven organisation effectively and ethically recruit the right people that align with the values and mission of the business? How to look for the right candidates, assess candidates and ensure the process is ethical and fair while considering the progressive EDI aims + values of your organisation.
  • How to retain: how can and should a purpose-driven organisation operate and support its employees? What employee benefits should you offer, how you can build a fair and respectful workplace culture, best practice on people management skills

Read the insights and recommended actions from our Building a Team for a Better World  Catalyst Conversation Here ->

Green Washing

The discussions included:

  • Issues around greenwashing: What challenges do the marketing and advertising industry face? Am I or have I contributed to greenwashing/purpose washing? How do I recognise when it’s happening and stop engaging in it? How can I identify when clients are genuinely trying to engage and be better or when it’s just a marketing tool? How can I work from within the industry, navigate those difficult conversations with clients and ultimately make sure I am not contributing to Greenwash?

Once all of our Regional Catalyst Conversations have taken place we will share the insights with our members.