Deaf Awareness Training – Royal Assosiation for Deaf People

Last week we hosted some incredibly insightful Deaf Awareness Training sessions delivered by leading experts with real lived experience from the Royal Association for Deaf People 

The training course was specifically designed to improve participants’ awareness, communication skills, and confidence, enabling them to contribute to breaking down the barriers faced daily by people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

We ran these sessions in both London and Manchester, with the sessions lasting for three hours each, covering various topics delivered expertly by Paul Newbury and Kimberly Webster, including:

  • Introduction to deafness 
  • Deaf Community
  • Language
  • Raising awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Best practice

Creating a world without barriers was something we believe strongly in. Becoming deaf aware was more than just improving service; it helps position individuals and businesses at the forefront of inclusivity —a core value of The Better Business Network. We strive to be authentic, respectful and mindful of ourselves, others and our environment; challenging and receiving feedback, promoting fairness and treating people with an unbiased approach. As we work together with colleagues, partners and other stakeholders in order to achieve the best outcomes for deaf people – celebrating successes and recognising contribution.

The Better Business Network is steadfast in its commitment to motivating members to broaden their knowledge in areas of personal interest and proactively pursue training opportunities. Furthermore, the network is fully devoted to continuous learning and development in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Accessibility (DEIBA) to nurture a genuinely inclusive workplace.

You can find out more about the Better Business Network and sign up to become a member here

We give thanks to the Royal Association for Deaf people for providing such an insightful session on their behalf.

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