December Events – Forward Look

December is round the corner so here’s a forward look at what the Better Business Network has going on. Some of these events are exclusive to our members, but you can try out our networking events as a guest to see if the network is right for you.

The Better Business Network is an inclusive network for purpose-driven business owners and leaders who want to grow their business and make the world a better place. We help you grow your impact, income and audience while advocating for systemic change.

Joining as a member allows you to support impactful organisations as part of a more powerful collective through donation of your membership fees, whilst also increasing your individual impact

Interested? Learn more here or book in a call with our Community Manager James.

Check out our YouTube video explaining why you should join the network if you aren’t already a member here

For a full look of our events leading into next year – Check out the BBN event calendar on our website.



Our monthly virtual Speed Networking for Purpose Driven Businesses connects like-minded business owners who care about their social and environmental impact to help their businesses grow and create positive systemic change.


Virtual speed networking is a fun and quick way for you to meet other purpose led business leaders. Over the course of 60 minutes, our host places you in one to one breakout sessions to meet five new business contacts. These sessions are a great platform for the self employed, small business owners and SMEs to work together to elevate good business, learn from one another and meet helpful connections.

We don’t encourage a hard sell environment, these are friendly, supportive and collaborative sessions that allow you to build your network with other organisations that care about their social and environmental impact.

RSVP is required to receive the Zoom link (This often ends up in your spam folder – check for an email from WordPress) RSVP for free to our December Speed Networking event here or check out our upcoming events here



Join the Conference of People Planet Pints (COPPP) on 7th December to find hope, learn what’s going on in your local community, get involved & take action! 

Don’t have the time, budget or carbon credits to fly to Dubai for COP28 this year? Join your local PPP instead on Thursday 7th December!

Meet like-minded people, make connections and friends, enjoy a drink while circulating ideas, and find inspiration on how you can take action.

COPPP will be held in different cities across the UK (and Europe?) to expand our reach and impact but ultimately to bring people in their local communities together. This is about starting broad conversations across all parts of the community – NOT just for sustainability experts – but anyone who is concerned or curious. 

While they gather in a room to negotiate, we’ll get together across the country to start and continue conversations, circulate ideas, share our sustainability tips and stories, and have fun while doing so.

Find one near you here

Why its happening:

  1. Change happens through local communities faster than national governments
  2. We’ve seen 28 COPs now, but emissions still climb. We need to act fast through our local areas first
  3. COPs aren’t inspiring or hopefully, they’re dry and boring
  4. People are tired of COPs and are often massively negative about the fact that everyone flies there in planes to have a nice time and talk shop but without action. Well, let’s give them a place locally they can easily go to learn about sustainability and take action.
  5. This is about starting broad conversations across all parts of the community – NOT just for sustainability experts. We want “everyday” people who are scared, curious, to get involved
  6. People are tired and need hope, and clear action. We can give that.

Check out this related LinkedIn video here

Why people don’t like COP:

  1. “There is also a more general sense that COP has become too detached from the real world. The discussions at COP often seem to be more about political posturing than about finding real solutions to climate change. This has led to a loss of trust in COP among many people who are concerned about climate change.”
  2. COP has been seen as ineffective in addressing climate change. The first COP was held in 1995, and since then there have been 27 more. However, many people believe that COP has not been able to make significant progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions or addressing the impacts of climate change.

The event is open to everyone (member or not) whether you’re a sustainability professional, small business owner, local council/government worker, student, consultant, looking to switch careers, or anything else besides, come down and meet others interested in sustainability.

No agenda, workshops or webinars. Just chat over some nibbles and beers.

Big thanks to Small 99 (who created the PPP concept) and KRYSTAL, the sponsors of the event who provide green web hosting services, who kindly provide a free drink for the first 33 people who arrive.

For consistency, all future Manchester PPP sessions on the last Thursday of every month at Sandbar.

The Manchester edition of PPP is co-hosted by Alex Booth who is the Sustainability Business Manager for Planet Mark, a sustainability certification and net zero provider for organisations and the built environment.



The Better Business Network are now officially hosting Breakfast Networking sessions on the second Thursday of each month for purpose driven businesses to connect. This event is open to everyone, not just BBN members.

RSVP for free to our November Breakfast Networking event here or check out our other upcoming events here

Are you a business owner who cares about your social and environmental impact? Do you work for a company that believes in a sustainable and just world, where businesses can be a force for good?

This is a relaxed, fun and easy way for you to meet other purpose-led businesses, to make meaningful connections and learn from one another.

These sessions will run from 9-10.30 am, and this event is open to all, not just Better Business Network Members. There will be hot drinks, fresh fruit and pastries provided for attendees to enjoy while having a chat


Breakfast Networking is on Floor One of the X+Why Manchester Office , located at 100 Embankment, Cathedral Approach, M3 7FA. (Opposite Manchester Cathedral)

Check out our YouTube video explaining what to expect when you come along to our Breakfast Networking sessions


We’re inviting people to stay and co-work for the rest of the day from the X+Why Office! This means you can crack on and get some work done from an incredible space, whilst also giving further opportunities to connect with your fellow attendees.

If you are a Better Business Network Member you are able to get coworking Day Passes as part of your membership, and so you’ll be able to do this completely free!

Interested? You’ll need to send our Community Manager, James, an email to confirm your space at

If you are not a Better Business Network Member, please feel free to stick around and co-work for the day from the space. You will need to purchase a Day Pass from the X+Why website to get access after Breakfast Networking ends at 10am.


The Better Business Network team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We can’t wait to see you at the Better Business Summit 2024