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Bristol | How can we create positive impact through our Supply Chain?

Thursday, June 20 @ 10:45 am - 12:45 pm

20th June 2024 10.45 – 12.45,  How can we create positive impact through our Supply Chain?

This is an intimate and invite only Catalyst Conversation.

If you are a tier three or above BBN Member and fancy coming down, or you would just simply love to get involved, please get in contact with our Community Manager James at james@thebetterbusiness.network and we’ll see what we can do!

What’s the session about?

The session will discuss a number of things that are crucially important when assessing the positive impact your company can have. 

We will be discussing topics specifically related to your supply chain, such as:

  • How can you create values based supply chains?
  • How do you manage your supply chain to be as sustainable as possible when potentially engaging in global imports and exports? How do you accurately measure and reduce carbon?
  • How can you educate your suppliers in positive impact?
  • Can you add circular solutions into your supply chain?
  • How can you make sure you are having a positive impact despite manufacturing products and physical goods, potentially bringing more waste into the world?

What are catalyst conversations? 

Similar to a roundtable, catalyst conversations split attendees into groups of 6 people to discuss the topic, the challenges businesses face when trying to build a team for a better world, and the opportunities to have a greater positive impact. This provides a peer learning opportunity as well as final next steps action points from all attendees.

During the session, we take notes and use these to write up insights that are shared amongst our Members and the wider business community, and will ultimately be pulled into an Industry Report and published.

The idea is to leverage the experience and expertise of those in the room and pass on actionable advice that can help others make a greater positive impact, hopefully causing those ripples of change!

What’s the schedule?

We’re running this session for 2 hours, between 10.45 and 12.45 (with a coffee break in the middle!). This catalyst conversation is intentionally scheduled on the same day as our Better Business Breakfast Networking session, so attendees can come in and get some coffee, fruit and pastries and make some valuable connections with other like-minded businesses.


Thursday, June 20
10:45 am - 12:45 pm




Square Works
Square Works, 17-19 Berkeley Square
Bristol, BS8 1HB
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