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Friday, February 23 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

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This session is exclusively for BBN Members.

Apply to be in the HotseatĀ LINK HERE

These Peer Mentoring sessions are monthly meetups, happening on the last Friday of each month, that are facilitated by Jannine Barron.

What can I expect?

Join our community sessions for peer support and collaborative problem-solving on real business challenges. In each 60-minute session, the ‘Hotseat’ participant shares their business dilemmas or seeks feedback in a 10-15 minute presentation. The supportive environment fosters meaningful discussions and will bring you insights relevant to your own work.

As an attendee, you have the opportunity to listen and contribute to the collective wisdom, offering valuable peer-to-peer feedback. These sessions also provide clarity, support, and valuable learnings, particularly beneficial during periods of overwhelm or transition in your working life

What does being in the Hotseat mean?

Being in the hotseat would mean you’d be the person directly receiving the coaching and advice from the group.

You’d have to prepare for the first 10 minutes at the beginning of the session to either share a presentation on the business and frame a question around that, or to talk about a given topic for 10 minutes.

You wouldn’t have to share slides in advance or anything, but we’d expect you to jumping on the call 5/10 minutes early so we can check that everything works on the day (screen sharing etc)Check the current schedule and apply to be in the HotseatĀ LINK HERE

Who’s running the session?

There will always be a BBN representative on the call, but the session is facilitated by Jannine Barron.

Jannine Barron is the Regenerative Business Mentor. She helps purpose-led business owners experience and apply regenerative thinking to their businesses so they can build a legacy of impact as well as success.


Friday, February 23
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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