Who are Lawbox Design?

The Better Business Network are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with Lawbox Design –  a legal consultancy firm designed for innovative, creative and sustainable companies – especially start-ups and scale-ups.

The Better Business Network have partnered with Lawbox as the trusted legal partner of the Network so our Members can get excellent legal advice from a company that shares their values and beliefs.


Who are they?

Lawbox Design are changing the game by transforming legal services from a need into a want. This is done by adopting a design mindset that focuses on your specific needs, by creating legal documents that are easy to understand and suit your brand style. They adapt to their clients’ preferred ways of working, ensuring they become an extension of your business.

You can read more about Lawbox Design and their services on their website.


Why have the Better Business Network partnered with Lawbox Design?

Lawbox Design have strong legal principles that naturally align with sustainable and innovative companies, but they also share common values with us at the Better Business Network. They focus on their social and environmental impact as a business.

Lawbox Design intends for the company to be an agent for positive change, both on a micro level in the way they approach interactions with clients and on a macro level, in the way that
they affect the world we live in. They are currently working towards becoming B Corp Certified as they want to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

They are also proud to support the Better Business Act, a campaign to transform the way we do business by changing section 172 of Company Law to ensure that every single company in the UK takes ownership of its social and environmental impact.


How can Members benefit?

Better Business Network members can receive a free legal health check from Lawbox, including a questionnaire, follow-up discussion, and report (worth £550). Additionally, they can access a 10% discount on all services that Lawbox provides.

Lawbox Design doesn’t just offer legal expertise, they also understand the power of design thinking. By creating legal documents and processes that are user-centered, visually appealing, and easy to understand, Lawbox Design ensures their clients receive better outcomes.

Lawbox Design are currently supporting the Better Business Act campaign, which aims to transform how we do business by changing section 172 of Company Law. By taking ownership of social and environmental impact, every single company in the UK can make a positive change!

For more info get in contact at onwards@lawboxdesign.com or follow @LawboxDesign on LinkedIn and Instagram to learn more.