Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2022

The importance of sustainability in business is something we strongly believe in here at The Better Business Network. Alongside this, we also believe that those who are doing great work in the world of business should be celebrated!

We’ve previously written about some of the fantastic Sustainability Events coming up in 2022 as well as the best Sustainability awards in 2022, but on this occasion we wanted to highlight one in particular; The Marie Claire Sustainability Awards.

This July Marie Claire UK’s second annual Sustainability Awards will be taking place and entries are now officially open - so to all of the purpose-driven businesses out there; make sure you enter the awards for a chance to win and see your achievements recognised!

What Are The Marie Claire Sustainability Awards?

The Marie Claire Sustainability Awards are a celebration of the brands, organisations, and products that are genuinely implementing change and building a better tomorrow. The awards highlight the businesses that are going above and beyond to protect the future of our planet and make a genuine difference. 

Marie Claire UK says that “Sustainability needs to be much more than a trend that brands pay lip service to.” And we couldn’t agree more! We’ve spoken before about how sustainability actually helps businesses, so it’s not just that sustainability can help to save the planet - it can help your business too.

Right now, brands have both the opportunity and responsibility to help consumers navigate their day-to-day lives with products and experiences that are designed with the earth in mind - without greenwashing or misleading.

And this is where the Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards come in!

If you’re a business with purpose, a sustainable start-up shaping its business model to be as ethical as possible, or a company going the extra mile to positively impact our planet, we want to hear from you and celebrate your hard work. There are categories spanning fashion, beauty, food & drink, health & wellness, travel & leisure, motors, weddings and more, and your entry will be judged by a panel of some of the best sustainability experts in the industry.

Take a look at 2021’s winners here.

Judging The Marie Claire Sustainability Awards

Entries will be judged by members of the team at Marie Claire alongside a guest panel of over 50 of the most high-profile sustainability experts, business founders, thought leaders and activists in the business - including our very own Hannah Cox!

There are so many great people who are judging this year’s Marie Claire Sustainability Awards alongside Hannah and so we wanted to highlight a few names that we’re excited about working alongside!

There’s so many great judges alongside the above - check them all out here.

Images of judges for the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2022

Within each category a winner will be crowned and highly commended entries will be identified with a 'best practice' accolade. Winners and highly commended will then be announced via an editorial on, plus will have the opportunity to purchase usage of the logo for marketing purposes. Winners will also receive a carbon neutral bamboo trophy. 

A virtual awards ceremony will take place in July 2022, where Marie Claire will be offsetting the carbon footprint from the awards activity and planting a mangrove tree for every guest who tunes in.

How To Enter

If you are part of a business for good, a purpose-driven brand or organisation, are experimenting with more sustainable business models or making a measurable, positive environmental impact then your work should be recognised. Help it get the recognition it deserves and enter the 2022 Sustainability Awards now.

Your entry will be judged by some of the best sustainability experts in the industry (even if we do say so ourselves!) so make sure you submit your entry by 6pm on Friday 8th April!

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