WHY WE DECIDED TO HOST People, Planet, Pint in Liverpool TOO

Following the great success of our People, Planet, Pint events in Manchester, the Better Business Network are thrilled to be expanding this fantastic gathering to Liverpool!

At the Better Business Network we love helping people make connections with like-minded business individuals and creating a strong networks of passionate sustainability supporters across the North West.

We were asked by Adam Bastock, the creator of the People, Planet, Pint series to start the first sessions in Liverpool, and we agreed! We recruited a number of our close contacts as co-hosts so we weren’t alone, and brought on board Andrew and Fiona from Ethos Magazine, and Ruth Hartnoll from Matchstick Creative to help us.


What is People, Planet, Pint?

People, Planet, Pint is a casual and enjoyable networking experience that we know you’ll love. It’s intentionally organised without speeches, workshops or webinars, as a relaxed event that brings people together to simply connect with like-minded individuals over a drink 

People Planet Pint is for anyone with an interest in sustainability. We get attendees from all areas, whether you’re a sustainability professional, small business owner, local council/government worker, student, consultant, looking to switch careers, or anything else in between.

How do I get involved? 

You can join us every month for our co-hosted meetups, taking place on the last Thursday of every month in Manchester, and the second Thursday of every month in Liverpool. Together, we can form a community of change-makers driving solutions for a brighter future.

Interested but don’t live in Liverpool or Manchester? There are events happening all across the UK! Check out the full People Planet Pint event series on Eventbrite.