What Is A Purpose-Driven Brand?

A purpose-driven brand is a brand that is motivated by their core mission. The reason why they exist is to solve a problem or meet a need in society. Purpose driven brands strive to make the world a better place, and everything they do ties back to that purpose. 

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming Purpose Driven?

Purpose-driven brands tend to see a boost in sales - Profit isn’t the main driver, it’s all about keeping the business alive and to do that businesses tend to be more willing to make real change and to be ahead of the game. 

Customers prefer to purchase from purpose-driven brands so leading with purpose tends to give the upperhand. Customers like to feel like they are making an impact and knowing the impact that their purchase is having means that investing in you feels much better than supporting a business that is driven purely by profit.

Purpose-driven brands tend to see a boost in brand loyalty. Many studies have shown that customers are way more likely to be loyal to purpose-driven brands. Research specifically from Porter Novelli and Cone points out that 73% of Americans would be more loyal, be more likely to defend the brand and would be proud to be associated with a purpose-driven company.

Purpose-driven brands have an increase in impact - Other than the increase in sales and brand loyalty there’s a huge potential for the impact your business can have. Spreading the message of your cause is the real power purpose-driven brands have. 

Businesses are expected to have more than just a product or service, they are required to have a higher purpose. Businesses are expected to support social justice issues and help to push real change. 

Standing for, sharing, and helping to shift a societal issue will not only benefit your business but will have a monumental impact on those who are directly affected by that issue. By letting your purpose drive your brand, you have the potential to reach millions of people and drive incredible change.

7 Values you could choose to support as a purpose driven brand: 

  1. Animal Rights
  2. Sustainability
  3. Environmental Protection & Climate Change
  4. Anti-racism
  5. Inclusiveness
  6. Feminism
  7. LGBT Rights

Every purchase is a vote. Informed and aware consumers are looking for businesses to make the most progress on the big issues facing the world. Not only should businesses start to look at becoming purpose-driven, some can choose to become a B Corp or become more sustainable by working with a sustainability impact agency. 

Employees can also look at bringing in zero waste living practices into the office. Businesses can help employees to achieve this by educating their staff on zero waste shopping and how to switch to zero waste.

Here are a few examples of purpose-driven brands:

  Ellevest: making investment more accessible to women.

Once Upon a Farm: Organic, home-style food to make both children and our planet healthier.

     Veo: Offering a sustainable online shopping destination that makes it easy for consumers to live and shop sustainably.  Ecologi: Planting trees & fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions.
      Etrify:  A social platform focused around sustainability and the environment; helping UK businesses towards net zero.
 The Wellbeing Farm:  A fun, unique and sustainable farm-based wedding and events venue.
    &SISTERS: focuses on providing safe, sustainable and beautifully designer period products.

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