Speaker Information

As one of the organisers, Hannah, I wanted to thank you so much for being part of the Better Business Summit and taking two minutes to read the below.

As Business Leaders I truly believe we have a responsibility and the power to make the world a better place. You providing your time and expertise is invaluable in making this happen, and is truly appreciated.

Your audience can use the code SPEAKER25 to get 25% off any ticket type.

THIS WEEK: Head to Better Business Summit  assets page to access social media assets and our logos. Please use #BBS23 as the event hashtag and tag us on LinkedIn and Twitter so we can also share your posts.

THIS WEEK: We will send you bespoke speaker social media images, so keep an eye out on your emails

THIS WEEK: If you are able to record a video or need AV or additional support at the event we will get in touch¬†We will also be creating speaker social media images using the images you provided, so keep an eye out on your emails.¬†Our aim is to bring together 300+ attendees, 50+ speakers, 2 stages and 4 networking sessions. Helping us all build our communities and grow impactful businesses.¬†¬†Can’t wait to see you on Thursday 19th January!


The Better Business Summit is open to all Business Leaders. Your audience and connections don’t need to join the Better Business Network to attend the Better Business Summit.

To learn more about the impact and sustainability policies of the Better Business Summit read our info pack. If you have any additional questions  or support queries about the Summit or how to get involved, fill in the Contact Form.