How To Be More Sustainable In The Workplace

As the world continues to demand that businesses do better, many have started to implement sustainability policies. This can improve both their product supply chain and employee work-life. However, if your company is lacking here are our top 5 tips to help you bring sustainability into the workplace.


When looking at travel, we have to think about how we commute to work. Instead of always driving and taking taxis, consider cycling or walking to work. However, if cycling and walking aren’t practical consider using public transportation.

Public transportation can also be a good way to de-stress by reading a book or listening to music. The way in which we travel has major effects on emissions and climate change. So consider how you travel and identify a way in which you can lower your carbon footprint when travelling to work.


Ask yourself do you really need a printer in the office? Consider using online note-taking apps and if you need to pass out information throughout the office can it be done via email. However, if you have to have paper and you need to write things down, use sustainable stationery from a sustainable stationery shop like The Real Green Stationery Company.


Continue to use virtual meetings rather than in-person. This will save money and time while saving the planet. Meeting in person increases both parties’ individual footprint due to the fact they have to travel to the meeting place. 

Here is a top tip for virtual meetings: turn off your camera in a virtual meeting to be even more sustainable.


Skip the supermarket meal deals and bring packed lunches. This will reduce how much waste you produce each day. Preparing and having a packed lunch will not only reduce your waste and carbon footprint with this will also have major health benefits so carry in a packed lunch. If you are unavailable to have a packed lunch consider going to the local shop and food businesses. This is also a great way to increase your social impact.


This last tip is super easy. At the end of each day simply remember to turn off the lights and unplug all your equipment. Leaving equipment plugged in even when not in use continues to use electricity and increases your office carbon footprint, so ensure to unplug and turn it off before going home.

Watch our Youtube video below to get an extra 2 tips to hello you with sustainability in the workplace!


If you want to do more than just our suggested tips, we recommend reading our blog on ‘What Is A B Corp?’ However, maybe B Corp isn’t for you, consider joining a purpose-led business network focused on connecting and supporting businesses to increase their impact and income. The Better Business Network may be a better alternative for businesses unable to become B Corps or don’t want to become a B Corp. If you’re unsure if B Corp is right for your business read our blog here: Is B Corp Certification Right For Your Business? 

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