Top Ten Tips for the Better Business Summit 2024

We want to make sure that everyone is ready to take the Better Business Summit by storm and attendees get maximum value from the event, so we thought we’d share our top ten tips that will allow you to get the most out of the day!

The Better Business Summit is a two day summit full of workshops, panels and keynote speeches, followed by a day of nature based activities 17th – 19th January 2024.

The conference days are happening at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School which is located on Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6BH. Visitor Information, including how to get to the business school and surrounding facilities, can be found here: Visitor Info Page

One day Tickets start at £160, Buy your ticket here. here. 


  1. There’s no need to print your tickets out, when you arrive at the registration all you need is your confirmation email and then you will be checked in by a member of the team..
  2. Don’t wait around to get tickets to our Friday Day in Nature events. We’ve got two incredible options, including a Freshwalks Peak District Hike in Hebden Bridge and some Manchester Urban Diggers workshops at Platt Fields Park in the city centre. Learn more and grab tickets here..
  3. Struggling with a problem in your business? Book in one of the free live sounding board sessions being ran by our partners Neo at the Summit on both days! They can help you to explore the true potential of your identity, culture and strategy as a platform for sustainable growth.
  4. Remember to bring: a reusable water bottle as we have refill points around the venue; a notepad and pen to make any notes; a battery pack so your phone doesn’t die and you can continue to make connections all day long; any extra snacks that you might want (although we are providing a delicious Hot Vegan Buffet Lunch on both days and free fruit and pastries at Breakfast Networking on the Thursday thanks to our sponsor Ticket Tailor). Also, the same as last year, if you have a landyard sat at home – please bring it down! We have a lanyard amnesty at the event to reduce waste..
  5. We are putting on an evening drinks reception on Thursday from 17:00 at Sandbar on Oxford Road. This will be jointly hosted as a People, Planet, Pint (and Pizza!) event so you can network post event (with your first drinks free thanks to our drinks sponsor Wildjac and free pizza thanks to Tyler Grange! ) No need to register if you are a Summit attendee, just show your lanyard on the door! You can also head to Sandbar on the Wednesday night for a more relaxed vibe and 10% off pizzas when you show your lanyard. 
  6. Take a look at the full and complete schedule from the website so you can plan and tailor the content across the day to your tastes. We have a range of incredible speeches, panel topics, workshops, catalyst conversations and even a Patagonia film screening room and to get the most out of the day, we’d always recommend planning ahead! View the schedule here. 
  7. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is fully up to date, or that you’ve brought your business cards, so you can keep track of the valuable connections you will make across the day. We like to use the QR code feature on LinkedIn which makes it quick and easy to connect and then search for your connections based on date connected. If you don’t know how this works, check it out here.
  8. If you are coming to the Better Business Summit by yourself – don’t worry! There will be plenty of people attending solo and we will try to make it as easy as possible to meet people across the day. You can even join the Community WhatsApp group here. 
  9. Help us spread the word by using the hashtags #BBS24 on all your social media posts! Let us know you’re coming, your thoughts and which moments inspired you. Using the hashtag means all our attendees can easily keep up to date on what’s going on. On a similar note, make sure you follow the Better Business Network Twitter account for regular updates on proceedings across all 3 days and stay in the loop effortlessly.
  10. Join the Better Business Network and become a member of our purpose-driven business community. The Summit is our flagship event, but it is only one aspect of what we do here at the BBN. If you want to be part of a collective of businesses taking positive action in 2024, the BBN is the best place to be! To learn more, check out our Membership Pack or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube for more content and info..