Do you want the company of like-minded people to support you, elevate you and help you  succeed?


The Better Business Network is the only purpose-lead business community that is focused on getting you to where you need to be while increasing your social and environmental impact.

Join our virtual, worldwide community which uniquely allows its members to choose how their membership fees are spent. All Members are able to vote on which climate projects and high impact nonprofits we support as well as what training and development projects we invest in for them. More information can be found in our FAQ’s below.

We are a platform for the self employed, business leaders, small business owners and SME’s to work together to elevate good business.

We launched out first Cohort in May 2020 with thirty members. By 2022 we aim to have thousands of members across the world, raising over £100,000 for good causes. Could you be one of them?

Together we can create huge change by taking action and creating better businesses. We are a Climate Positive Workforce with Ecologi and support high impact non-profit organizations through our partnership with 1% For The Planet, and systemic change in the law with Client Earth and government advocacy campaigning.

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  • You’re a founder, business owner, entrepreneur or advocate in a business wanting to have a bigger impact
  • You want to be part of a change making community taking action to improve how you work
  • You’re crying out to make a positive impact whatever industry you work in
  • You’re ready to share ideas, collaborate and create systematic change
  • You’re looking to surround yourself with business owners that will elevate you
  • You struggle to balance work and wellbeing and want to create sustainable systems to help you grow
  • You want to help others to reach their full business potential


  • You’re solely focussed on profit and don’t have sustainability and ethics at the core of your business
  • You’re not ready to take your business to the next level
  • You don’t believe businesses have a duty to create a better world for future generations
  • You’re not ready to do the work in your business to grow and break through
  • You think it is the responsibility of others to improve life on our planet
  • You’re doing your business on the side while still working full time