We’re Partnerring with Blue Earth!

The Better Business Network (BBN) is beyond excited to announce our latest partnership with Blue Earth, a purpose-driven summit for business enthusiasts inspired by the beauty of nature happening from 11th – 13th October amidst the beautiful Autumn colours! 🍂


What will this event involve? 

This incredible collaboration will feature Hannah, the founder of BBN, and other sustainability leaders who will share practical insights and solutions-driven strategies to make a meaningful impact on the environment. 🌍


Who else will be speaking? 

Check out the complete list of inspiring speakers HERE 


What are Blue Earth about? 

At Blue Earth, they strongly believe that businesses can become a positive force for change and natural conservation. They bring together various industries and sectors, offer practical solutions and welcome businesses at any stage of their environmental journey. 🙌

Join us as we harness the power of business for good, inspire better practices and drive sustainability. Let’s transform our way of living and working, guided by the principles of nature. 🚀


Where can I find out more? 

Learn more HERE