What Is A B Leader?

What Is A B Leader?

With the rise of sustainability you may have been hearing about the rise of a new type of professionals helping businesses to become sustainable, and if you’re looking at becoming a B Corp these professionals you may be hearing about are called B Leaders.

B Leaders are experienced sustainability professionals who have been trained by B Lab to guide businesses through the B Corp certification process.

If you’re not quite sure what a B Corp is, please read our blog on how and why businesses get B Corp certified first!

However, if you do know what a B Corp is let’s continue and look at the five reasons why we believe that you should employ a B Leader to help you and your business on its B Corp journey:

5 Reasons To Employ A B Leader

Save Time

The first step to becoming a B Corp is completing the B Impact Assessment (BIA). This gives you a baseline score on the impact your business has. The BIA alone can take many hours to complete and this is where a B Leader comes in. They have been through the application process multiple times and will be able to use this expertise to help businesses through the process in a faster time.

More Resources

Becoming a B Corp can take up a lot of time and resources within the business. Some businesses may be under the assumption that a team member can simply divert some time to helping the business to become a B Corp, but this is not the case. The B Corp process can be a full time project and so hiring a B Leader will allow someone specific to focus on supporting the business on this journey. A B Leader will also be better at creating the relevant policies required as well as being able to bring new and fresh ideas to the table.

Spot and Find New Opportunities

B Leaders are great at spotting opportunities to help increase your impact score but also great at bringing new ideas to the table to help make the business processes more efficient. After completing the BIA, businesses will then find themselves having to implement changes to their operations and a B Leader will be a great help here in ensuring this is done.

Create Policies

As stated before, the first step is completing the BIA but it doesn’t just end there. Most businesses sit at a baseline score of 40/200 but a business needs to gain a score of at least 80 to qualify as a B Corp. B Leaders are more experienced and tend to know what to look out for so hiring a B Leader will help to bring new ideas to the table to then increase the business’s score. A B Leader will also help to create new policies geared towards helping the business on its journey of becoming more sustainable which in turn will increase its positive impact.

Educate Your Team

After creating new policies a B Leader will be able to help your team and employees adjust to the changes while also educating them on why these changes are being done as well as the benefits to be gained after implementing. B Leaders can also help to communicate to the leadership team the importance of the B Corps to help convince your board to make the change.

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