Who understands Climate Language? We ask BBN Members

During a recent BBN Breakfast Networking session, our Operations and Impact Manager, Milo Fletcher, responded to a recent Guardian Article poll which stated the UK’s general population was generally unclear on the meaning of various climate terms.

This took place at our Manchester edition of our Monthly BBN Breakfast Networking session – Now happening nationwide!

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9 out of 10 Guardian consumers thought it was important for businesses and brands to talk about their sustainability initiatives and 68% of those questioned were more likely to buy from a company that had a clear environmental strategy in place.

We asked BBN members what their understanding on various climate terms was and who they think is responsible in making these clear.


In order of appearance:

1. Tom Molyneux, Business Development Manager – Hive IT

2. Ben Horrigan, Director – Studio 91 Media 🎥 B Corp™️

3. Grace Dyke, Director – Yellow Jigsaw CIC

4. Molly Gould, Founder – Effable | B Corp

5. Elizabeth Elliot, Innovation Specialist – GM Business Growth Hub

6. Olly Cooper, Co-Founder – Kireli Studio – Creative Agency


QUESTION: How do you stay informed about climate change issues, and do you find the language used in these sources accessible?