Why My Business Is Dumping Facebook & Instagram

As of Thursday 27th January 2022 The Better Business Network and its sister company betternotstop will no longer be on Facebook or Instagram. 

I’ll be deleting our accounts, ensuring that the handles / names are available to anyone who wants them with no intention of going back on.

The reasons for this are numerous, but the headline answer would simply be that I want to create more positive impact and “consume” less. 

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this by now, but Facebook / Instagram / Meta is problematic. From privacy infringements, to outright hostility, harmful effects on teenagers, heightening hate speech and so much more, as a purpose-led business owner I’m unable to align how these companies are handling these issues while working within my own ethics. 

Social media platforms are designed to invade our attention. They don’t care if I feel good or bad. They have realised I will stare at things that make me angry and upset longer than things that make me feel good. It’s called negativity bias. 

My personal attention was being consumed on things that made me feel bad while I continued to use them for my own personal gain (brand awareness and promotion). It didn’t feel good. 

Systemic problems need systemic solutions. I have to take personal responsibility for my actions but at the same time, together, I think we have to take collective responsibility for dealing with these deeper factors. 

Matt Baer’s delete your facebook page has a wealth of data and information through a variety of sources that provide more than enough reasons to get off Facebook, and by extension Instagram.

Additionally, any online activity has negative implications for the environment (those servers have to keep running somehow). While I absolutely acknowledge the irony of telling you this via the internet, the fact remains that if I can make small moves to reduce the amount that I contribute to the climate crisis in any way, then I will.

I’ll have to admit, selfishly I have been worried that by leaving I’ll lose business. Which is what I talked about in a recent Linkedin Post. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take. 

Cal Newport recently wrote an article titled ‘What Happened When This Online Business Owner Quit Social Media?’ which highlights a freelance copywriter named Alexander and his experience of leaving these platforms in 2021 and the impact it had on his business.

Contrary to the popular belief that you ‘have’ to be on these platforms in order to promote yourself / your business, Alexander’s year off didn’t result in him going bankrupt, in fact, as discussed in Cal Newport’s article; “both his business and his email newsletter subscribers grew by 50% during this period.” With clients finding him instead through Google searches, referrals, and repeat work.

And so this too is the plan for betternotstop and The Better Business Network

Facebook and Instagram aren’t for me, nor for my business. I recognise that this is a personal decision and that it may not be the right choice for you and your business. I wish everyone well who chooses to continue with these platforms. But as of Thursday 27th January 2022 I will be deleting these.

I’ll still be on LinkedIn, and our business focus will be on video and text educational content through our YouTube channels and blogs, as well as continuing to provide the level of service that we’re proud to say has brought us referrals in the past, and I believe will continue to do so in 2022 and beyond.

Written by Hannah Cox, founder of The Better Business Network