Why The Better Business Summit is the best Sustainability event in the country.

Written by Graeme Heyes – Graeme is the programme lead for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Manchester Metropolitan University

I’ve been working in the Manchester Sustainability scene for over 15 years now and have seen a lot of events come and go (including some of my own). Too often they either too boring, too poorly managed, too corporate, or in the worst case scenario all three.

The Better Business Summit is however altogether different, and arguably the best sustainability conference in the country. Below I’ll explain why:

A Thriving Community of Change-Makers:

Seldom have I been in a room with so many fascinating people and had conversations that have informed my practice or helped me to feel better embedded in a movement. The Better Business Summit is an energy filled event of hundreds of purpose-driven individuals, change-makers, and innovators and the connections I made that day are still bearing fruit today, whether that be co-delivering sustainability training with Litmus Sustainability and Hannah Ballard, insightful chats with the likes Richard Dixon and Tash Morgan-Etty, or discussions around new and exciting events around regenerative practice with Kyle Soo.

This is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that the Summit was standing room only for its entirety. In fact, unlike other events that seem to get quieter as the day goes on, the Summit and it’s energy, seemed to build over time. It’s great to see that the Summit has been expanded this year to three days. That’s three days of learning, network building and fun that I can’t wait for.

Innovative Ideas and Collective Action:

What I love about the Summit is the fact that is not just speakers and panels, but also features workshops and catalyst conversations that seek to inform and further practice. Last year I loved seeing Erinch Sahan introduce tools from the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, and reflecting on it’s similarities to my own ways of working. At the same time, rooms next door hosted catalyst conversations on a range of subjects including the role of small business in the sustainability challenge. These workshops and conversations are truly fantastic opportunities to learn and enhance ways of working, no matter your sector or job role.

A Driving Force for Change:

This year, the Summit focus is on “Radical Utopia.” This will see us delve into a diverse range of subjects, spanning leadership, finance, activism, impact, and empowerment. The central theme revolves around exploring the ingredients of a better society within human nature, with a specific focus on the future of cities, food, work, society, and the economy. This focus, combined with the amazing line up of speakers, workshops and conversations is a fantastic opportunity to deliver genuine change and I know that everyone on the committee, and particularly the amazing people at Better Not Stop are passionate about delivering a summit that doesn’t just educate, but that delivers impact.

The speakers:

Even a cursory glance at the diverse list of speakers will tell you everything you need to know about why the summit is such an amazing event. Expertly guided and facilitated by the amazing Ngunan Adamu, each speaker delivers a refreshing take on sustainability challenges from their own experiences and driving change for responsible and regenerative business practice. I learned so much last year and can’t wait to hear from this year’s awesome line up.

Get involved:

The Summit is taking place this year on the 17th-19th January, so mark this in your calendars, tie a string around you finger, set an alarm on your phone and I’ll see you there.

To register for the Summit click here