1% For The Planet is an international organisation whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes, with the aim of tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

Those that follow us more closely will also know that since the very beginning of The Better Business Network we’ve supported 1% For The Planet. We even have our own page on their online directory.

We have partnered with 1% For The Planet because like us, their goal is to prioritise both people and the planet over profit within business.

We support 1% For The Planet as both The Better Business Network and as betternotstop, our sister company.

Since 2021, we have contributed 1% of our annual sales across both businesses to 1% For The Planet. In  2021 our businesses contributed $1,494 USD.


1% For The Planet’s mission is to “build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.”

The money contributed by 1% For The Planet members is then distributed to non-profit organisations that protect our planet, as well as encouraging sustainable methods of energy production.

The initial idea for 1% For The Planet was simple: because companies profit from the resources they take from the earth, they should also protect those resources. This was the ethos of Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and Craig Mathews (founder of Blue Ribbon Flies) when they created 1% For The Planet in 2002 – and in the process started a global movement.

A wide range of businesses, non-profits and individuals are now a part of this global movement. The complete list of current supporters can be found in the 1% For The Planet Directory. A selection of some of these organisations can be seen below:


You can join 1% For The Planet as either a business or an individual. Both options are possible to apply for through the Join page on their website. Both options require a form to be completed as the initial step in becoming a supporter of 1% FTP. Their team will then come back to you to confirm the next steps, depending on your / your business’s requirements.

Most businesses will pay a registration fee to join of around £200 which is then taken off the final year’s contributions. You can also donate the equivalent of 5% of pro bono time supporting the High Impact nonprofits that are part of the network as another part of your contributions.


Both of these options come with different benefits:

Individual Membership 2022 Benefits

  • Incorporate a structured commitment to the environment into your lifestyle.
  • Belong to a global community of businesses, individuals and nonprofits advancing a full spectrum of environmental solutions.
  • Members with 1% commitments over $1,000 USD annually can leverage our expertise by completing our Nonprofit Advising Questionnaire to find nonprofit partners and support the causes and communities you care about most.
  • Receive an individual member logo and other branded items to communicate your membership and encourage others to join you in making a bold statement for our planet.
  • Gain access to game-changing businesses, thought leaders and on-the-ground environmental organisations through invites to special events, exclusive offers from member brands and more.
  • Know that your support is making a difference for our planet through your contributions to our trusted nonprofit partners.

Business Membership 2022 Benefits

  • An internationally respected brand: The 1% For The Planet brand is recognized and respected worldwide. They reach a broad audience—with their brand resonating most loudly with millennials as well as people interested in the environment and sustainability. The logo is on millions of products and services globally, is featured widely across communication channels, and is growing in awareness every day. In the U.S., 28% of all consumers recognise the logo—a number that has grown more than five times since 2013. The strength of the brand highlights members’ deep commitment to giving back to our planet and the power of a global movement.
  • Strategic giving: 1% FTP give businesses and individuals expert advice about giving strategies to environmental nonprofits. Their recommendations encourage each business to invest in brand- and mission-aligned nonprofit solutions that are critical for the planet and that help the business thrive. They believe deeply in the power of shared goals and shared value creation. Similarly, they encourage individuals to align their giving with their personal vision of a healthy planet, while helping them focus on nonprofit solutions creating the greatest impact.
  • Third-party certification: Our annual certification process provides credibility and represents an annual opportunity for business and individual members to assess the impact of their strategic giving.
  • Networking: The 1% FTP global network fosters invaluable opportunities for their members. With member representation in more than 60 countries, you will enjoy various in-person and remote opportunities to engage with inspiring individuals, nonprofits and member businesses.
  • Visibility: 1% FTP can help amplify your impact through our website, social media channels and other communication channels. Members also receive access to 1% FTP branded assets – including their logo and other resources – to spread the word and inspire others to protect the planet. They also create opportunities through which members can communicate offers to one another and gain exposure to the network.
  • Leadership: Joining 1% FTP is a powerful statement; it showcases your values and commitment to a better, more sustainable future. Members will tell you that their 1% commitment helps them stand out among competitors, too.  Today, consumers are finding their 1%. They are demanding more from brands and our members witness how taking a stance actually impacts their bottom line. In fact, according to a 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study, “more than 9-in-10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause.” So membership is not only good for the planet but good for business, too!
  • Employee engagement: 1% FTP membership not only speaks volumes to consumers but to employees, too. When used effectively, 1% For The Planet can be a tool to engage and motivate staff. It isn’t about just telling staff where a donation goes, your staff can play a role in the entire process. Whether it is through helping to select nonprofits or having them roll up their sleeves and volunteer with your nonprofit partners, 1% FTP can help to instil a culture of giving into your company’s DNA.



The Better Business Network is the only purpose-led business community that is focused on helping businesses to grow while increasing their positive social and environmental impact.

One of the many ways in which we achieve this is by connecting purpose-led businesses with organisations such as 1% For The Planet, actively supporting both.

To learn more about the Network click here or email us directly; support@thebetterbusiness.network.