Since its beginnings The Better Business Network has advocated for a shift in behaviour among businesses and business owners / leaders. This work has led us to collaborate and work with a variety of different organisations who have a similar passion to us and want to see positive change taking place across industries.

Fashion Declares are one such organisation. They are a movement that advocates for a shift in behaviour within the fashion industry in order to cut carbon emissions and avert the climate, ecological and social crisis.The Better Business Network is signed up to and is also an advocate of Fashion Declares. We encourage all our Members that are involved in the fashion industry to similarly sign up and become advocates. 

The Better Business Network has partnered with Fashion Declares because we support their goals and want to highlight their work to both our Members and non-Members alike – anyone who works within the fashion industry who can help to change the way the industry is currently running and towards a fashion industry that works to protect the people and the planet.


Fashion Declares is a bottom-up movement; a network of individuals from across the fashion industry. This includes designers, buyers, merchandisers, operations, finance, marketing & PR, suppliers, servicing agencies, influencers, campaigning organisations and retail professionals.

Fashion Declares recognises that climate, ecological and social crisis is the most serious and pressing issue of our time. They acknowledge that the fashion industry is a huge contributor to this crisis, but also believe that it is a creative, innovative sector with drive and passion that can take a leading role in tackling this crisis and be a significant force for positive change.

The organisation is governed by REAL Sustainability CIC and supported by an advisory group, led by Safia Minney (CEO of REAL Sustainability).


Fashion Declares’ purpose is to speak out for urgent action to address the climate, ecological and social breakdown. They aim to empower, inspire and support individuals working at all levels within the fashion industry to urge their employers to accelerate plans to address this crisis. Their purpose is founded on five commitments:

  1. Speaking out for urgent action to tackle the climate, ecological and social crisis.

  2. Decarbonisation and Restoration of Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

  3. Social justice and the Just Transition.

  4. Radical transparency and corporate governance.

  5. Transition to a regenerative model for the fashion industry.

Fashion Declares is unique because it’s focused primarily on the creation of a large-scale bottom-up movement. They are building a vision for an authentic, regenerative fashion approach, led by those who work within the industry. In doing so, they are creating an ambitious and radical agenda for the fashion industry.

The organisation began with the declaration outlined in their Open Letter (visible here) which they ask for supporters to sign. Founding signatories include (among many more, the full list can be seen here): 

  • Safia Minney, MBE, Founder of People Tree, Author, Advisor Speaker, UK

  • Tom Berry, Global Director Sustainable Business at Farfetch, commentator on Sustainable Business, UK

  • Debbie Luffman, Product Director Finisterre / ThinkCircular / Hubbub, UK

  • Mike Barry, Strategic Advisor, speaker, commentator on Sustainable Business, UK

  • Mariusz Stochaj, Head of Product and Sustainability at Continental Clothing

Alongside the open letter, they are helping to provide a common, shared language and series of tools for everyone to support an ambitious and just transition towards sustainability in fashion.


There are three ways of being part of Fashion Declares, alongside signing the Open Letter. 

The core focus of Fashion Declares is to attract Individual Members; individuals from across the fashion industry who will give their voice to the five commitments that the Fashion Declares movement stands for. 

Fashion Declares are also looking to supplement their membership with two other groups:

  • Supporting Organisations: businesses from the Fashion Sector and other related/relevant sectors can offer their support to Fashion Declares.

  • Advisory Group Members: individuals may join the advisory board to take a more active role in the administration of Fashion Declares.

In order to sign up to become an individual member, supporting organisation or advisory group member, please visit the Fashion Declares website here.


The Better Business Network is a purpose-led business community that is focuses on helping businesses to grow while increasing their positive social and environmental impact. 

One of the many ways in which we achieve this is by connecting purpose-led businesses with organisations such as Fashion Declares, actively supporting both.

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