How can Regeneration grow your business?

What is Regeneration and How Can It Grow Your Business (49 min) – Jannine BarronIn this video initially explains how there is no one fixed definition of regeneration. The concept is centred around placing nature at the centre of everything, adapting rather than dominating the natural conditions that we live in and the simple idea that we should give more than we take from the world. Jannine later discusses what a regenerative economy might look like before inviting attendees to discuss if their work contributes to making the world a better place.

Jannine Barron is a business strategist and a mentor with over 25 years of experience across 4 enterprises, who utilises her expertise to help share crucial lessons with the next generation of brand builders and entrepreneurs. Jannine concentrates her efforts on helping organisations place climate change at the heart of their decision-making processes, aiming to help impact the creation of a sustainable, circular economy with net zero goals.To get in touch with Jannine or to learn more about her business you can also visit her website here.

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