How To Support World Environment Day

World Environment Day, celebrated on 5th June 2022, is a day to bring people together to take action in defending our planet.

Each year the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) chooses a particular issue to focus on, with issues ranging from forests, wildlife and more. This year’s theme is ‘Only One Earth’; highlighting the need to live sustainably in harmony with nature by bringing transformative changes – through policies and our choices – towards cleaner, greener lifestyles.

This Environment Day betternotstop is joining the celebration and sharing a few ways in which you can support the initiative.


7 Ways To Support Environment Day

  • Learn About World Environment Day

Visit the World Environment Day website and spend some time browsing to learn about the importance of the day and to check out if there are any specific activities you can do. You can also read the stories and news on the website to learn more about the importance of Environment Day.

  • Check Out The Activities In Your Area

You may want to consider joining an activity near you. You can research what your community centre is doing to support and how you can join in.

  • Promote World Environment Day Online

Posting on multiple social media platforms helps to spread awareness which could rally more people to the cause.

  • Recycle

Think about what you can easily do at home. Recycling is an easy way to support Environment Day – recycle at home and encourage recycling in your community.

  • Plant A Tree

Trees are great for the environment. Increasing the number of trees we have in the environment will help to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere while increasing the amount of oxygen available. If you can, plant a tree in your own garden. If not, you could sign up and donate to Ecologi who will plant 100 trees for just £12.40!

  • Adopt An Eco-Friendly Or Sustainable Lifestyle

Consider being more environmentally aware and try to live a more sustainable life. For example, consider eating less meat or going zero waste.

  • Consider Taking Public Transport

Take public transportation to reduce your environmental impact, helping cut back the number of fumes being introduced into the environment. You can also choose to cycle to work or work from home if possible.

Don’t stop with World Environment Day though! The day is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the importance of sustainability in business and how you can support ethical businesses.

Find ways to continue increasing your impact to do your part to fight climate change!

We would love for you to share a few ways in which you plan to support World Environment Day either in our comments below or via our Contact Page.

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