Start your sustainability journey with this free Zellar offer - worth up to £600!

As a sponsor of Better Business Summit and in partnership with SSE Energy Solutions, Zellar is offering all attendees one-year free access to Zellar, worth up to £600. Sign up here.

The IPCC has declared a “code red for humanity”.  The alarm bells are deafening, and the evidence for climate change is irrefutable. At the same time the cost-of-doing-business crisis is a threat to small businesses throughout the UK. The compound pressures posed by rising inflation and energy prices threaten the existence of many SMEs. 

The answer to both these problems is to use less and save more. But with 9 out of 10 SMEs unaware of even their carbon emissions, it’s clear that many businesses are struggling to make headway. 

That’s where Zellar can help.

What is Zellar?

Zellar is a sustainability platform that offers a business everything it needs to become more sustainable and save money. 

How can Zellar help my business?

Understand your impact and act

  • Calculate your emissions
  • Generate a personalised step-by-step sustainability plan
  • Unlock your Zellar score – a live, at-a-glance view of your business’ sustainability progress
  • Benefit by implementing sector specific actions, all designed to improve your sustainability score
  • Share your score to attract and retain customers and motivate employees 

Connect and save

  • Find the best energy deals, understand your green energy options and let Zellar manage your switch
  • Bypass comparison sites and broker fees saving an average of £600 per year
  • Connect directly to green technology vendors, offsetting, biodiversity and volunteering projects
  • Find money-saving, local grant opportunities to fund green investments

Amplify and boost business 

  • Share your Zellar score and profile to showcase your journey and inspire others
  • Generate reports to support investment decisions and sustainability reporting requirements
  • Network, learn and share your journey with like-minded businesses through Zellar’s community 

To find out more, visit our website or sign up for your free one-year access to the Zellar platform here!