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Inclusive Leadership for Purpose Driven Businesses | Day One of Two

Wednesday, June 19 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Two Day Virtual Workshop Wednesday 19th June and Wednesday 26th June. 13:00-17:00



What is Inclusive Leadership for Purpose Driven Businesses?

This online course provides you with the key ingredients of inclusive leadership for People and Operational Leaders. From understanding the distinction between policy and process to leveraging the power of inclusion to enhance stakeholder engagement, participants will gain insights into harnessing the potential of people, optimising processes, effective product and project management, to improve performance organisation-wide.

How will the Workshop be structured?

Course Format:

– The course will be delivered via Zoom over 2x 4 hour sessions

– There will be a blend of talks, independent and group activities.

What is the cost?

BBN Members: £150

Non-BBN Members: £350

Not-For-Profit Organisations: £200

Who is facilitating the course?

The course will be facilitated by Tales to Inspire who are a social enterprise dedicated to being the catalyst for positive change through the compelling impact of real-life narratives. By harnessing the transformative power of authentic storytelling, they inspire not only personal growth but also positive shifts within the broader societal frameworks we inhabit, whether it be in educational settings, residential spaces, or professional environments.

At the heart of Tales to Inspire is a mission to spotlight crucial societal issues and foster awareness in areas such as supporting marginalised communities, promoting wellbeing, advocating for inclusion, championing sustainability, and navigating extreme challenges.

Their stories resonate with empowering themes, embodying resilience, kindness, leadership, the significance of a positive mindset, empathy, and the imperative of taking proactive steps. Through their engaging narratives, they strive to ignite a ripple effect of inspiration, encouraging individuals and systems alike to embrace positive action and contribute to the betterment of our collective human experience.

BBN Exclusive Offer

BBN members who complete the course will be eligible for two hours follow-up support from Tales to Inspire to embed inclusive leadership in your organisation. Ts and Cs:
– Up to two hours without charge per organisation in any 12 month period
– Offer must be used within 3 months of course completion
– Offer is exclusive of up to 30 minutes for scoping
– Services will be delivered remotely unless otherwise agreed
– Example services include; policy review, general management consultancy, coaching and project


Wednesday, June 19
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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