Join us for a new episode from our BBN member case study series to explore member businesses, and see what they’ve gained from being a part of our community – […]

What Is A B Leader?

What Is A B Leader? With the rise of sustainability you may have been hearing about the rise of a new type of professionals helping businesses to become sustainable, and […]

What Is A B Corp?

We’ve written before about how and why businesses get B Corp Certified, but in this post we wanted to go more in depth about exactly what a B Corp is. […]

What Is The B Impact Assessment?

The B impact assessment is a free tool used by companies globally to measure the positive impact of their company in areas of governance, workers, community, customers and the environment. Watch […]

Can Small Businesses Become B Corps?

Is B Corp right for any size of business? In this video Hannah shares how small businesses, even those with no workers that are Founder Led can become B Corp.Customers […]