The Better Business Network attends PurposeFest 2024 – Soft Launch in Bristol!

This weekend, as part of our Soft Launch in Bristol, the Better Business Network participated in PurposeFest, a gathering focused on living, working, and doing business with purpose. It was an inspiring event that brought together like-minded individuals dedicated to creating positive change through their businesses.

We’re excited to announce our new regional breakfast events, industry round tables and generally spending more time in the City adding value to The Better Business Network community.

The Better Business Network team at PurposeFest 2024. 

From Left to Right Mollie Kay Hough, new Bristol Ambassador for the BBN, Hannah Cox, Director of The Better Business Network and betternotstop, and James Dady, Community Manager of The Better Business Network 


Want went on?

At PurposeFest, we engaged in meaningful conversations with fellow communicators, founders, and change-makers, exchanging ideas and insights on how to drive impact and promote sustainability. The event reinforced our commitment to advocating for systemic change and collaborating with others to make a difference. We had a brilliant day alongside each other, including our new Bristol Ambassador, Mollie Kay.

PurposeFest was a valuable opportunity for networking, learning, and reflection. We are grateful for the experience and look forward to continuing our journey of making businesses a force for good. 

The Better Business Networks stand at PurposeFest, stand notably includes: 

  • Regenerative Business MindMaps from The BBN x Avery&Brown Collaboration


Want to Learn More?

Membership for the Better Business Network starts at £30 and includes a whole host of benefits:


🔎 Monthly discovery calls, to learn all about Who we are, What we do, and How you can become part of it


👩‍🏫 FREE peer mentoring sessions with Jannine Barron REGENERATIVE BUSINESS MENTORING


🌍 FREE carbon literacy training (worth £180 per team member!)


💰 FREE legal health check and report by Lawbox Design worth £550 and 10% off further services


⛑️ FREE Brand health check by Kireli Studio – Creative Agency – the branding and communications studio designed to help purpose-driven start-ups & businesses unlock their full potential!


💻 FREE monthly co-working day access (on our Breakfast Networking days, see event calendar for dates) at our fantastic x+why site office (click here for a tour) and down in Brighton at the Projects offices


🫱🏼‍🫲🏻 Monthly Virtual Speed Networking sessions, introducing you to new contacts who share your values


💬 Interactive round table discussions


🧠 Expert-led, in-depth workshops


☕ In-person Breakfast Networking Sessions allowing you to start your day right whilst meeting like-minded businesses


Consider joining us and being part of the collective for business for good.