When we first heard about Honest Mobile we were pleasantly surprised. First of all, they’re the only B Corp certified mobile network. And as you might have guessed following that certification, they’re a mobile phone network for people and the planet.

The Better Business Network has partnered with Honest Mobile because we believe in the work that they do to remove your phone’s carbon footprint and help customers take back control of their mobile plans.

As a business both The Better Business Network and our sister company betternotstop use Honest Mobile for our business phone line.

We encourage our members to utilise the services available through Honest Mobile as an alternative to the ‘Big Four’ mobile networks. We believe this gives our Members more control over both the personal and business mobile phone needs while simultaneously lowering the carbon footprint of mobile phone use and rewarding customer loyalty.


Honest Mobile was launched as a response to what founders Andy and Josh describe as a “broken” mobile phone industry. One that ties customers into complicated contracts and overcharging for loyalty. In short; an industry stuck in its old ways.

Their solution is Honest Mobile; “A smarter mobile network you can trust.”The team at Honest Mobile make managing your mobile plan easy. They provide more control and smarter notifications. They’re on a mission to build the world’s most sustainable mobile network. As a Certified B Corp they’re also legally required to consider the environment in all of their decisions.


Honest Mobile has several features that make them stand out from the ‘Big Four’ mobile networks (EE, O2, Three, Vodafone):

  • They send customers real-time notifications. This way you are able to actually know when you make a chargeable call. Honest Mobile will even help you find a free version of that number too.
  • They help you to keep track of your data. Honest Mobile will let you know if you can save money by changing to a cheaper plan or if you’re likely to use more data that your contract has allocated.
  • They make your mobile phone contract and usage easy to manage.Like Monzo and Revolut with banking, Honest Mobile allows you to manage everything from the app. However, if you would prefer to speak to a real person, their team is on hand to help. They also allow you to cancel monthly plans anytime.
  • They listen to their customers.One example given on the Honest Mobile website regards a customer asking if Honest Mobile could notify them if they used more data than normal in a day in case they had forgotten to turn their WiFi on. Honest Mobile’s response? “The next day, the notifications were rolled out to all our customers.” You can read more customer idea success stories here.
  • They help you help the planet.Honest Mobile provides carbon negative calls, messages and data. On top of that, they’ll plant trees for you too! Learn more about Honest Mobile’s sustainability policies here.
  • They work to build a better tomorrow for everyone.Like us, Honest Mobile believes that business should be a force for good. They are a certified B Corp (just like betternotstop!) and so their company constitution ensures that all of their decisions have to consider people, profit and planet equally.


There are three plans available to Honest Mobile customers; 4GB, 10GB and Unlimited. All come with unlimited messages and minutes, with the only caps being on data, as per the name of each plan (although the Unlimited plan is limited to 3G speeds after 650GB).

The prices for each are available as either a 30 day plan or a 12 month plan, with the prices being slightly lower per month on the 12 month plans:


  • 30 day plan: £13.50 / month
  • 12 month plan: £12.15 / month


  • 30 day plan: £17.50 / month
  • 12 month plan: £15.75 / month


  • 30 day plan: £25 / month
  • 12 month plan: £22.50 / month

All plans come with the following available to all customers:

  • Your loyalty discount increases each month up to a max of 30%.
  • Turn your phone carbon negative and reduce your footprint.
  • Free EU roaming: use your standard plan up to 20GB/month in the EU.
  • Flexible plans: change plans anytime on both our 30 day and 12 months plans.
  • 8% coverage of the UK outdoor population.
  • Unlimited tethering to any device.
  • Support in 30 seconds; chat to a real human whenever you need a hand.
  • The UK’s fastest 5G.
  • Make calls and send messages using WiFi.

Making the switch to Honest Mobile is easy, and as mentioned before, you can even keep your existing number. A full guide on how to make the switch, including information on how to keep your existing number, can be found on the FAQ page of Honest Mobile’s website.


The Better Business Network is the only purpose-led business community that is focused on helping businesses to grow while increasing their positive social and environmental impact.

One of the many ways in which we achieve this is by connecting purpose-led businesses with organisations such as Honest Mobile, actively supporting both.

To learn more about the Network click here or email us directly; support@thebetterbusiness.network.