How Can I Create A Business For Good?

A business for good is a business that helps to improve the quality of people’s lives while also helping to protect our planet – all while running as a successful business.

In the corporate world, being a good business is incorporating sustainability into your organisation’s holistic approach, while also taking into account everything, from manufacturing to logistics to customer service.

This is easier said than done – but by no means is it impossible. 

There are plenty of fantastic, ethical businesses for good in the UK and beyond that we highly recommend you check out (see the list of further reading at the end of this post!).

Step one in becoming a business for good is educating yourself on what exactly being a ‘business for good’ actually means. How this connects to sustainability, being purpose-driven, greenwashing, and the difference between net-zero and carbon neutral.

There’s a lot to learn, but don’t be overwhelmed! The benefits of being a business for good far outweigh the time and effort that is required to become one.

Sustainability In Business

Good businesses incorporating sustainability helps to improve profitability. However, alongside trying to understand how a business can become sustainable they also need to understand what it means to be net-zero and carbon neutral

Ethical businesses will also need to figure out what kind of help they will need on their journey as a purpose-driven brand.  

Becoming A Business For Good

If you’re looking to become a business for good, we recommend starting by reading through our previous blog post on creating a business for good. Alongside this, you may also want to further understand exactly what it means to be a sustainable business and having a purpose-driven brand

To learn about the importance of having a purpose-driven brand and how leading with purpose can lead to success and profitability, watch our recent video from our Better Business Network YouTube channel below:

At The Better Business Network, we connect and support businesses to increase their impact and income – all our members are purpose-driven businesses for good. If you would like to learn more about The Better Business Network and how joining a networking group can benefit your business then head to the BBN website or email us directly at


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