As well as being a Living Wage Employer, Certified B Corp and supporter of the Better Business Act, we here at The Better Business Network support the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

The reason we support the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter (GM GEC) is not just because we’re based in Greater Manchester though. However, this is certainly how we first came to know them! Instead, we support GM GEC because they are working towards elevating the employment standards in Greater Manchester, helping to create businesses for good in the city we’re based in.


Despite Greater Manchester’s underlying economic strength, there are still some significant issues with the quality of work offered. With unstable and low-paid work on the rise, wages not meeting the cost of living, and roles not offering accessibility or flexibility. All of this leads to a workforce that lacks diversity.

To reach their potential, people need to be offered secure, fulfilling and well-paid work. This not only boosts the morale of the workforce, but retention rates, productivity and health. In turn, this leads to business growth and success.

That’s why in Greater Manchester they’re doing things differently. They have launched the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. The Charter was developed through a process of co-design. This involved the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), all GM districts, Trade Unions, and employers and employees from all sectors. You can learn more about the creation process of the Charter here.




The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is a voluntary membership and assessment scheme. It has been created to improve employment standards across all GM employers, regardless of size, sector or geography. Organisations – including public sector bodies, private sector businesses, service providers, the third sector, and voluntary and community organisations – can sign up to the Charter.

The Charter has two tiers:


Employers that support the aim of the Charter and have made a commitment to improving practice in all characteristics of good employment.


Employers that have made the Supporter Commitment and meet the membership criteria in all characteristics of the Charter.

In order to sign up to the Charter as a Supporter, visit their website and complete the Supporter Registration Form. This is the first step in the process of becoming a Member.

By becoming a Supporter you will be making a commitment to improving practice across all characteristics of the Charter, as outlined below.


There are seven key characteristics of good employment as defined by the GM GEC:

  • Secure Work.
  • Flexible Work.
  • Pay.
  • Engagement & Voice.
  • Recruitment.
  • People Management.
  • Health & Wellbeing.

More information about all of the above can be found on this page of the GM GEC website.


The Good Employment Charter helps employers to grow and succeed. It does this through improved employment standards by encouraging and supporting employers to develop good jobs and deliver opportunities for people to progress. With the Charter, employers can support the health, development and resilience of their workforce whilst experiencing the business benefits that come alongside this.

Signing up as a Supporter of the Charter allows employers to join the Supporters’ Network. Here they can share good employment practices with and learn from other employers in Greater Manchester. There are webinars and events designed to educate, engage and inspire employers, with expert speakers covering topics across all the characteristics of good employment. As Supporters, employers get access to a growing host of resources, signposting to information and support services. All helping to improve employment practices across all characteristics.

By becoming a Supporter of Charter employers are making an outward, visible commitment to better the lives of employees in their organisation and across the city region, placing employers in the forefront of the good employment movement. Engaging with the Charter and improving employment standards will benefit employers with better employee retention and satisfaction, and other ensuing business benefits of such practice.

For the latest numbers of employers engaged in the Charter, visit the Impact of the Charter page. Visit Members and Supporters pages for a detailed list of organisations involved.


The Better Business Network was created to be a community for like-minded businesses that want to create positive action. This is why we support the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. They are an organisation that also take positive action to create lasting change. Changes that will benefit all within Greater Manchester now and in the future.

Our Member’s network with other purpose-driven businesses and have access to free tools, resources and workshops to help them not just grow but also increase their impact. Similarly, the GM GEC offer a wide range of tools and resources (some of which can be seen here) that can help businesses based in Greater Manchester.


While the organisation is based in Greater Manchester and operates specifically for the employees and employers also based there, this doesn’t mean that their work doesn’t reach further.

Any businesses with employees based in Greater Manchester are encouraged to join. However, the characteristics of good employment, as defined by GM GEC, are a framework by which all businesses can become good (if not great) employers. They can be used by all as a guide for being a better business.

If you would like to learn more about how The Better Business Network connects and supports businesses to increase their impact and income and how joining a networking group can benefit your business then please sign up to our newsletter or connect with us on LinkedIn.