Why we support the Women in Sustainability Network

We absolutely love networking.

We’ve written about it before, and as you might have guessed – we even set up a networking business. That’s how much we love networking. We also love sustainability. Both The Better Business Network and our sister company, betternotstop, believe that every business has the ability and responsibility to make the world better.

We work to both support and champion purpose-driven businesses that are working towards a brighter future; helping companies worldwide to implement sustainable strategies and frameworks that give as much consideration to their social and environmental impact as they do to their financial returns. Why are we talking about our love of networking and sustainability? As part of our ongoing series of blog posts in which we highlight the businesses we have partnered with and support (all of which can be found on our blog page), we wanted to cast the spotlight onto the Women In Sustainability Network.



The Women In Sustainability Network, also known as WINS, is a global community for female change makers looking to amplify their voice, and maximise their influence to create a better world.

The Better Business Network supports WINS because they are an organisation that is actively working to support women as well as promoting sustainability. The work they do is inspiring to us as a purpose-led community and we endeavour to promote their work to help them reach a wider audience. Like us, their work is focussed on helping business leaders build better businesses.

WINS are for professionals whose work is focused on delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) in some way and service-based professionals whose values match ours and who have a work focus that is clearly engaged with and directly linked to the three pillars of sustainability: environment, social and economic.  Their purpose is to help women find the confidence, courage and community to lead and be a force for good. This group is for female change-makers working right across the environmental/ sustainability fields to learn with and from each other, share job opportunities, sector updates and other useful career-related information.



The Women In Sustainability Network Hubs are for women, and those identifying as being female, whose work focuses in some way on building a greener, healthier or happier world, at all levels and sectors. For example:

  • You may have been working in sustainability for a while but are looking for a change of sector or even setting up on your own;
  • You could be new to sustainability and want to get prepared for the road ahead.
  • You might be established in your career and wondering how you can progress and get better at making a difference, maximising your talents.
  • You’ve had a varied career and have wisdom to share.

Those that attend WINS events come away with inspiration, energy and new insights about their own situation, as well as strategies and tactics that support their personal and professional development.

The Women In Sustainability Network events are an opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded women working in sustainability, growing vital connections that enhance your effectiveness and career progression.



By joining the Women In Sustainability Network you are joining an online community of like-minded change makers. WINS provides the tools and situations in which people are able to build their confidence, competence and self belief, creating new behaviours and habits that amplify impact. Alongside this, they help you to learn new tools, tactics and strategies that transform your effectiveness, as well as support your well being.

Being part of the WINS community allows you to grow your connections, find new friends and expand your professional network in meaningful and valuable ways. In turn, this can help to enhance your leadership style, deepening real trust in yourself, in your strengths and decision making abilities. Similarly, it can help to provide the clarity and focus so essential to managing your time and energy effectively. Other key features include:

  • Discounted entry to WINS Hub Events
  • Monthly training to amplify impact
  • On demand resources
  • Monthly live sessions
  • Peer mentoring calls
  • Members directory
  • Quarterly group coaching

More information on all of the above can be found on the Subscribe page of the WINS website. In order to join the Women In Sustainability Network, visit this page and sign up to the waitlist.

The cost of membership is £199 per year. This cost entitles you to all of the above mentioned features of the Network; training worth over £3,500.



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