Get ready for the Summit

We want to make sure that everyone is ready to take the Better Business Summit by storm and attendees get maximum value from the event, so we thought we'd share our top ten tips that will allow you to get the most out of the day!

Top Ten Tips?

  1. If you are travelling to Manchester for the Summit we recommend checking cancellation policies before booking your accommodation and getting insurance on train tickets. We used to take advantage of their free cancellation until 18th Jan bookings (we just booked at Motel One).
  2. Remember to bring: a reusable water bottle as we have refill points around the venue; a notepad and pen to make any notes; a battery pack so your phone doesn't die and you can continue to make connections all day long (we recommend Lifesaver - a certified B Corp); any extra snacks that you might want (we are providing pastries at Breakfast and a Hot Vegan Buffet Lunch) or there are plenty of places on Oxford Road to grab things quickly. Also - If you have a lanyard at home, please bring it with you as we've announced a Lanyard Amnesty (let's reduce waste where we can!).
  3. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is fully up to date, or that you've brought your business cards, so you can keep track of the valuable connections you will make across the day. We like to use the QR code feature which makes it quick and easy to connect - if you don't know how this works, check it out here.
  4. Don't wait around to get tickets to our Fringe Events. Both Carbon Literacy Training at HOME on Wednesday18th Jan and the Peak District Hike (with Freshwalks and Focalpoint Optics) on Friday 20th Jan are limited capacity and there are only a few tickets left for either. Grab them here..
  5. If you are coming to the Better Business Summit by yourself - don't worry! There will be plenty of people attending solo and we will try to make it as easy as possible to meet people across the day. We would recommend coming to the Breakfast Networking session on the morning of the Conference if you are unsure of where to start.
  6. We aren't sending out any actual tickets this year, so there's no need to print anything out, just state your name and order details at the registration desk on arrival and you will be checked in by a member of the team..
  7. Help us go viral by using the hashtags #bbs23 and #yearofaction on all your social media posts! Let us know you're coming, your thoughts and which moments inspired you. Using the hashtags means all our attendees can easily keep up to date on what's going on. On a similar note, make sure you follow the Better Business Network Twitter account for regular updates on proceedings across all 3 days and stay in the loop effortlessly.
  8. Don't forget we are putting on an evening drinks reception on Thursday from 17:00 at Canvas on Oxford Road. This will be jointly hosted as a People, Planet, Pint event and you can network with attendees and sustainability professionals in a casual setting (get your first drink free!)
  9. Checkout the schedule on the website so you can plan and tailor the content across the day to your tastes. We have a range of incredible speeches, panel topics, workshops, catalyst conversations and even a live podcast recording happening - and of course, experts in various fields to deliver this. The week of the event you will receive a digital brochure that breaks down the event in detail so you have all you need at your fingertips!
  10. If you haven't already, make sure to join the Better Business Network and become a member of our purpose-driven business community. We provide a range of services and benefits that will help you kickstart your 2023 and make it a #yearofaction - check them out in our Membership Pack. We will be offering a special discount to all Summit Attendees so this is the perfect time to get involved!

BONUS TIP - Rebecca Heaps (a BBN member) runs an organisation called Tentshare, which is bringing a new element to their service in 2023. They are working with the Re-Action Collective to collect good quality outdoor technical kit and clothing. They make any necessary repairs and resell the items at an affordable cost. This work means that more people will have access to affordable outdoor kit and is kept out of landfill. Rebecca will be bringing a ‘drop box’ to the Better Business Summit and is asking if you would please donate one item of outdoor kit or clothing that you no longer want or use. Ski jackets, hiking gear, weatherproof and technical clothing are on her wish list.

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